Xinjiang Overview

Chinese Name: 新疆 English IPA: /'ʃɪn'dʒi'ɑŋ/ Location: Situated in northwestern frontier of China Population (city): 24,446,700 Language: Uygur language, Kazak language, Mandarin, etc. Zip code: 830000~840000 Tel code: 0991-0909 Time zone: UTC+8

With an area of 1,631,585 square kilometers, Xinjiang is the largest provincial-level administrative region in China, which accounts for one sixth of China’ total area. As a significant region in the ancient Silk Road, Xinjiang is blessed with all sorts of resources, especially its tourist resources which account for 83% of China tourism resources, with 56 types of national tourism resources. Xinjiang enjoys more than 1,100 tourist attractions which makes it the place that has the most tourist destinations in China. There are a variety of magnificent natural scenery like deserts, prairie, snow-capped mountains, glacier, well as cultural sites with profound history.


  • Diverse Types of Tourist Attractions: Kanas Lake Scenic Spot provides you breathtaking views of national beauty as well as special local Tuva culture. Grape Valley Scenic Spot brings you the feast for both eyes and taste buds; Taklimakan Desert offers you superlative views of endless desert, etc.
  • Xinjiang Food: Because of the climate and geographical conditions, Xinjiang cuisine and snacks are different from those in other provinces in China.
  • Fruit and Melons: Xinjiang experiences large temperature differences between day and night so that fruit and melons there enjoy high quality.
  • Bazaars: Bazaars in Xinjiang are quite different from markets in other places, and you could buy a variety of stuff with local specialties as well as exotic features.
  • Silk Road Culture: The Silk Road starting in Xi’an passed Xinjiang and Gansu provinces so that you could visit the prints of the road in Xinjiang and experience the culture there.

Other Destinations in Xinjiang

Xinjiang Attractions

As a region with all sorts of tourism resources, there are a lots of Xinjiang tourist attractions that you could visit. For the favorable tourist cities, you could any place of the 13 ones like Urumqi, Kashgar, Karamay, Altay, Turpan, etc. For 5-A tourist spots, there are 7 of them you could choose, like Heaven Lake of Celestial Mountains Scenic Area, Grape Valley Scenic Spot, Kanas Lake Scenic Sites, Urumqi TianShan [...]

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Xinjiang Tours

As a region with the most tourist attractions and with the most distinctive tourist resources, Xinjiang tours are diverse and abundant. You could enjoy gorgeous natural views like lakes, snow-covered mountains, prairie, deserts, mountains, blue sky, populus euphratica forest, etc. Tourist sites with historical prints and ethnic groups culture can also be experienced there. Xinjiang tours provide you some typical tours that you could refer to for your Xinjiang visiting, such as 1 Day Urumqi City Tour with Heavenly [...]

Climate & When to Go

Far away from the ocean, Xinjiang lies in the inland, and is surrounded by mountains so that marine current can not reach, which leads to distinct temperate continental climate. Xinjiang sees large temperature differences between day and night, with a little rainfall, dry climate and sufficient sunshine time (2500 - 3500 hours annually). The average annual rainfall there is about 150 mm, but rainfall varies widely in different places. Southern Xinjiang temperatures are higher than that of northern Xinjiang, but it [...]

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Because of its location as well as the vast territory so that the transportation there may not so convenient as other provinces in China. But the transportation conditions there could support the needs and development. Xinjiang has the most airports in China. And from the capital city Urumqi to places around can be supported by all sorts of vehicles. Highway Xinjiang is located in the northwestern frontiers of China, with vast territory so that transportation has long been one of the bottleneck [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Tajik Sowing Festival It usually falls on the first week after the spring equinox. In the hearts of Tajik people, it is a quite significant festival and is often celebrated the first day of spring sowing each year. During the festival, an revered old man would lead all the villagers to sow wheat to the crowd and ground to show the beginning of spring sowing. If there are guests arriving at home, women would sprinkle the prepared basins of clean water [...]

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Travel Tips

Important Number Zip code: 830000 - 840000 Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110 Xinjiang Tourism Quality Supervision Institute: 0991-12301 Railway Bureau Information Hotline: 0991-5813771 Airport Information: 0991-3801453 Civil Aviation Bureau Ticketing Inquiries: 0991-4512212 Climate & Clothing Parts of Xinjiang are located in places of higher elevation, with strong ultraviolet radiation. In summer, Turpan may experience high temperature beyond 40℃. So you may need some sun protectors with you. Meanwhile, some sunstroke prevention drugs or granules are suitable to take with you. You’d better not wear contact lenses because [...]

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Useful Maps

To help you have a better understanding of Xinjiang, we have collected some useful Xinjiang maps including the Xinjiang's location in China, the Xinjiang regional map, the Xinjiang attractions map, the cities of Xinjiang transportation map, Urumqi attractions map, Map of Scenic spots in Xinjiang, etc. [...]

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Xinjiang Accommodation

There are varieties of hotels that you could choose in Xinjiang visiting. Xinjiang accommodation parts some choices for your hotels in Xinjiang. What you may need to pay attention to is to search information of hotels or inns for specific city which you would visit, because Xinjiang is so large that the accommodation conditions there vary from different cities and may be some tourist attractions are far away from places with hotels. Recommended 5-star Hotels Urumqi Northwest Petroleum Hotel (乌鲁木齐西北石油酒店)Address: No.8 [...]

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