Kanas Lake

Kanas Lake Overview

Chinese Name: 喀纳斯湖 English IPA: /'kænəs leɪk/ Location: Situated in north of Burqin County of Altay Prefecture in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China Area: About 45.73 square kilometers Impoundage: 5.38 billion cubic meters Language:: Kazak language, Mandarin Tel code: 863300 Time zone: UTC+8

Kanas Scenic Area is located in the middle part of Altay Mountains in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China. It is in the border area where China meets Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia. With an area of 10,030 square kilometers, Kanas Scenic Area covers 55 tourist attractions mainly including eight natural landscape areas which are Kanas National Nature Reserve, Kanas National Geological Park, Baihaba National Forest Park, Jiadengyu National Forest Park, Kanas River Valley, Hemu River Valley, and three cultural sites that are Hemu Prairie, Hemu Village and Baibaha Village.

Kanas Lake, getting the fame of “fairyland on the earth, the garden of the deity”, is a 5A-level scenic area, a national geological park, a national forest park, a national nature reserve, the national natural heritage, a National low-carbon tourism experimental area, the most Chinese beautiful lake in China.

Highlights of Kanas Lake

  • Wonders of Kanas Lake: The Kanas Lake wonders include the thousand-meter embankment of dead wood, the mammoth “water monster”and the sea of clouds and the Buddha’s light in rainy days.
  • Tribes between the Clouds: Tuvans are called the “tribes between the clouds”. They live in Kanas Lake and the near villages like Hemu Village and Baibaha Village, with mysterious legend.
  • Various Tourist Resources: Kanas Lake Scenic Spot covers diverse tourist resources include natural attractions like mountains, rivers, forests, lakes, grasslands, snow, glacier and cultural sites like ancient wall paintings, Tuvans villages, etc.

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Kanas Lake Attractions

Kanas Scenic Area is located at the middle part of the Altay Mountain in Xinjiang and lies in the prime lot of China's border with Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia. It got the fame of "human pure land". Kanas Scenic Area is dividend into three spots: Kanas Scenic Area, Hemu Village Scenic Site and Bahaba Scenic Site. The three scenic spots include 55 tourist attractions like Kanas National Nature Reserves, Kanas National Geological Park, Jiadengyu National Forest Park, Kanas River [...]

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Kanas Lake Tours

Known as “the oriental Swiss town”, Kanas Lake is characterized by the diversity of tourist resources. You could prepare your tours for those you really want to experience. Here we would like to give you some tour plans that you could refer to for your Kanas Lake, such as 4 Day Kanas Lake Dream Tour, 7 Days Northern Xinjiang Tour with Kanas Lake Adventure, 9 Days Xinjiang Impression Tour, 9 Days Silk Road Tour and K [...]

Climate & When to Go

The annual average temperature in the Kanas Lake areas is 0.2 ℃, with the extreme maximum temperature of 29.3 ℃ and the minimum temperature of -37 ℃. For the whole year, there is 6 months that has the annual temperature less than 0 ℃, and winters last 7 months. The coldest average temperature in January is -16 ℃, and the hottest July has average temperature of 15.9 ℃, which has 20 ℃ even at noon. The frost-free period varies from 80 [...]

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There are some further details about Kanas Lake Transportation that you could refer to. How to Get & Leave There By Plane There are two routes to reach Kanas Lake Scenic Spot by plane. First, visitors could take train directly to Kanas Lake, mainly from the Urumqi and Yining direction. What people need to keep in mind is that Kanas Airport is a seasonal airport so that it only opens in summer. Therefore, tourists could take plane to Altay first and then [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Spring Festival Time: The lunar January Chinese Spring Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. All Chinese people celebrate it in their special way. The main nationality of Kanas Lake areas is Tuvans and they celebrate the festival in different ways. Tuvans call Spring Festival “Chagan”, namely “White Festival”. They worship white from ancient time and take it as the symbol of good and lucky. In Spring Festival, the young present hada and toast to the superior [...]

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Travel Tips

Useful Telephone Numbers Kanas Tourism Consulting: 0906-6524464 Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110 Ticket Consulting: 0906-6526092 Tourist Complaint: 0991-2831902 Customer Complaint: 0906-526297 Tour Bus Company: 0906-6528399 Kanas Lake Scenic Spot Help: 0906-6326120 Kanas Lake Scenic Spot Complaint: 0906-6326004 Kanas Lake Scenic Spot Public Security Subbureau: 0906-6326110 Post Offices Burqin County Post Office Location: South Ring Middle Road, Wolongwan Road, Burqin County Tel: 0906-6523323 Climate There are large temperature differences in Kanas Areas. Sunrise sees -5 ℃ and the noon sees 27 ℃. so please get the suitable clothes. Also, the ultraviolet radiation is [...]

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Useful Maps

Our Kanas Lake maps cover different types of useful maps including Kanas Lake location Map, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Map, Kanas Lake Scenic Area Map, Kanas Lake Attractions Map, Burqin County Map, Scenic Spots Around Kanas Lake Map, Kanas Lake Tourism Route, etc. to help you better understand about Kanas Lake Area and plan your dreamlike Kanas Lake tour. [...]

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Kanas Lake Accommodation

There are hotels around the Jiadengyu Ticket Station. And inside the Kanas Lake Scenic Spot, there are hotels that are ran by local people as well. Here is some information about the accommodation of Kanas Lake Scenic Spot. Kanas Linhai Mountain Resort (喀纳斯林海山庄) It belongs to the Xinjiang Kanas Tourism Development Incorporated Company, and is located in east of Kanas Village where Tuvas people gather and the edge of the original forest edge, with excellent geographical location. You could overlook the Kanas [...]

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