Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake Overview

Chinese Name: 泸沽湖 English IPA: Lu Gu Hu Location: Northwest of Yunnan Population (city): 13000 Language: Mosuo Language Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Lugu Lake, at the border between Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces and about 200 kilometers (124 miles) from Lijiang city, is an alpine lake renowned for its stunning scenery and unique Mosuo culture. The formation of the lake is thought to have occurred in a geological fault belonging to the geological age of the Late Cenozoic. 

Highlights of Lugu Lake

• The Females’ Kingdom: Lugu Lake is the native place of “The Females’ Kingdom” composed of the Mosuo people, a branch of the Naxi nationality.

• Natural Landscape: Lugu Lake has become one of the more unique and promising tourism option with its intact natural living environments, charming lake landscapes, and the harmony of water and mountains.

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Lugu Lake Attractions

Lugu Lake is an alpine lake located in a relatively low basin of the Hengduan Mountain System which caused for crustal movement to form a plateau karst downfaulted lake. Lugu Lake is in a shape of horseshoe which can be divided into Liang Lake Scenic Area and Cao Lake Scenic Area with one third in Yunnan Province and two thirds in Sichuan Province. The famous scenic spots include Mosuo Museum, Lige Village, Walabie Village, Daluoshui Village, Liwubi Temple, etc. [...]

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Lugu Lake Tours

Usually it will take 2 or 3 days visiting Lugu Lake area, including a canoe sailing, Liwubi Island, Princess House Island, Lise Island or Xiewae Island, bonfire party, etc. While many people like to connect the Lugu Lake with other sights in Lijiang or the whole Yunnan, which ranges from 2 Day to 46 Days. Browse the list below and pick up your perferred one. Or contact our consultants to tailor-make your own kind of Lugu Lake tour. [...]

Climate & When to Go

Lugu Lake is located in the border of Yunnan Province and Sichuan Provine. The lake shoreline in Sichuan is longer than that in Yunnan. It is the largest natural lake in Sichuan and the highest freshwater lake in Yunnan. The average elevation of Lugu Lake is about 2690m. Because of its high elevation, Lugu lake has abundant sunshine all year round, favored with fresh air and charming natural scenery. Of course, don't forget to protect yourself from the strong radiation from the sun. Best Time to [...]

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Lugu Lake is situated at the border between Yanyuan County in Sichuan Province and Ninglang County in Yunnan Province, about 110km away from Yanyuan county and 73km away from Ninglang county. Nowadays, it is very convenient to get to Lugu Lake from Lijiang by bus or car; or from Kunming by flight; or from Chengdu by bus, car, flight or train. 1.The Road Condition • Lijiang-Lugu Lake Compared with the urban roads or provincial roads, the road to Lugu Lake from Lijiang is rugged [...]

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Festivals and Activities

The Lugu Lake is the settlements for the Mosuo and Naxi Minorities. There are some local characteristic festivals and activities that are not to be missed. 1.Torch Festival This is a famous festival of those of the Yi Group living in Ninglang County of Lijiang. Originally held on every 24th June of Chinese lunar calendar, this festival was supposed to use fire to protect crops from the destructive insect by fire. Now, it is a bustling trading fair in this region, also involving entertainments. By night, [...]

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Travel Tips

1. Useful Numbers • Fire: 119             • Police: 0888-5881110            • Ambulance: 0834-6390120 • Tourism Complaint: 0834-6362125,6390322,6396927 • Weather Report: 12121 2. Post Office There is China Post located in Lugu Lake Town(Inside Sichuan province), south of the government, near the Huanhu Road. 3. Bank There is no bank providing service in Lugu Lake scenic area. So please exchange your money in Lijiang. There are only rural credit cooperatives and ATMs within Lugu Lake Township of Sichuan, while there are ATMs of rural credit cooperatives within Daluoshui Village of Yunnan. 4. Hospital This [...]

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Useful Maps

We have collected some very useful Lugu Lake maps such as Lugu Lake's location in Yunnan, attraction locations in Lugu Lake, hotels in Lugu Lake to introduce you the location, transportation, highlights and other important information of your Lugu Lake travel. All of the detailed and completed maps will help you get a better idea of Lijiang and transfer easily. [...]

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Lugu Lake Accommodation

In the Lugu Lake tourist area, there are more than 400 hotels and rooms ranging from inns and guesthouses to five-star hotels. The accommodations are mainly located in Caohai village, Dazshui village, Sanjia village, Lige village and Dazui village. If you have a fixed budget, it is recommended to live in local dwellings and experience local Mosuo's customs. Here we list some of the accommodations for your reference. Hotel Name Rating Add. Tel. Lijiang Lugu Lake Daughter States Hotel(丽江泸沽湖女儿国大酒店)  3 star Daluoshui Village, Lugu Lake, Ninglang County, Lijiang 0888 - 5881266 Lijiang Lugu [...]

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