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Mount Tai Overview

Chinese Name: 泰山 English IPA: / maʊnt tai / Location: Located north of the city of Tai'an, in Shandong province, China Elevation: 1,545 meters Main Peak: The Jade Emperor Peak Zip code: 271000 Tel code: 0538 Time zone: UTC+8

Located in the north of the city of Tai’an, in Shandong province, China, Mount Tai is known as the leader of eastern mountain of the Five Great Mountains of China. It is associated with sunrise, birth, and renewal, and is often regarded the foremost of the five. Mount Tai has been a place of worshipping for at least 3,000 years and served as one of the most important ceremonial centers of China. There are 7000 stone stairs which runs 9 kilometers long through the mountain from the foot to the zenith. It looks like the axes of Mount Tai integrating earth, heaven and human as a whole and thus is a road for human beings to heaven. Because of the unique integration of human civilization and natural landscape, Mount Tai is respected by billions of Chinese people and becomes famous all over the world as well as treasurable heritage of panhuman. Mount Tai was though of the heaven reaching the emperor directly by ancient people, and it was worshiped by persons. As a mountain which was held special ceremonies and rituals by several emperors, it plays a significant role in religious development. In addition to its cultural sites, its own spectacular scenery appeals to numerous visitors from home and abroad.


  • Jade Emperor Peak: Known as the First Peak under Heaven, the 1545-meter Jade Emperor Peak is the summit of Mount Tai. The peak is an excellent for appreciating Mount Tai wonders.
  • Mount Tai International Climbing Festival: It attracts lots of mountaineering enthusiasts. The festival attracts numerous mountaineering enthusiasts from many countries like Britain, France, America, South Korea, Japan, etc. So far, the festival has become a national sports commission recommended to the public and it is popular for lots of persons from home and abroad.
  • Spectacular Sceneries: In addition to a number of natural and cultural sites that you could visit on Mount Tai, you could appreciate the unique marvelous wonders here: the rising sun at dawn, the jade plate of sea of clouds, the aura appearing around Bixia Temple, rosy clouds at sunset, etc.
  • Cultural Deposits: Emperor with the destiny “son of heaven” saw Mount Tai as the symbol of national unity and power. So that special ceremonies and sacrifices could be seen here. A total of 72 emperors were recorded as visiting it. Thousands of stone inscriptions were left.
  • Religion: Mount Tai is of key importance in Chinese religion. According to historical records, Mount Tai became a sacred place visited by emperors to offer sacrifices and meditate in the Zhou Dynasty before 1,000 BC. Taoism and Buddhism take Mount Tai as a quite significant and sacred place, and lots of temples were built here.

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Mount Tai Attractions

The typical characteristic of natural scenery of Mount Tai is imposing, steep, surprising, serene, secluded, profound, and spacious. In total, there are 22 temples, 97 ruins, 819 stone tablets, and 1,018 cliff-side and stone inscriptions located on Mount Tai, which makes it a wonderful tourist destination. With abundant tourist sites, what you could visit in Mount Tai is Dai Temple, Tianjie, Half-way Gate to Heaven (Zhongtianmen), Red Gate, Bixia Temple, the "Shibapan", Sun Viewing Peak, Jade Emperor Peak, Daizongfang, Tianwaicun, [...]

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Mount Tai Tours

Mount Tai is a gorgeous and splendid tourist destination which you could enjoy the masterpieces of ancient constructions as Dai Temple, Nantian Gate, Bi Xia temple; precious stone inscriptions of past dynasties as Qin dynasty stone inscriptions, inscriptions rocks of the Diamond Sutra, cliffs with inscriptions of Tang dynasty; ancient trees like pine trees of Qin Dynasty, cypress of Han Dynasty, locust tree of Tang Dynasty, etc. All the above syncretize and integrate nature scenery and human cultural relics would [...]

Climate & When to Go

Spring The average temperature in spring varies from 8℃ to 10℃. The climate in this time is agreeable. What’s more, nature returns to life and peach trees are in full bloom, which makes it the best time to appreciate spring scenery here. Especially in May when is the perfect time to watch the sunrise of Mount Tai and the Full Moon rising from the sea of Clouds. Summer With the regulation of mountain, the weather of Mount Tai during summer is really cool, [...]

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We would like to provide you some information about Mount Tai transportation, and the transportation of Mount Tai offers you details about aviation, highway, railway, bus, hiking routes, etc. for you. How to Get & Leave There Aviation There is no airport in Tai’an where Mount Tai is located, and the closest one near Mount Tai is Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport which is about 110 miles from here. The airport offers 8 shifts of airport shuttle buses each day. It takes you 1.5 [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Mount Tai festival and activity part offers you details about what to do and what kind of events you could take part in if you visit here. Dongyue Temple Fair Time: Lunar March 28th Holding Venue: Tai’an Square, Tai’an city The festivals welcome various activities like folk customs show, peach blossom tourism festival, spring tourism sodality, Fengchan ceremonial ritual performances, etc. The festival originates in Tang Dynasty. Originally, its purpose is to celebrate the birthday of Dongyue Deity. Now, in addition to traditional religious [...]

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Travel Tips

Important Numbers City Code: 0538 Zip Code: 271000 Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110 Tai’an City Tourist Administration: 0538-8209949 Duty Room of Mount Tai Administrative Committee: 0538-8225841 Mount Tai Tourism Consulting: 0538-6228289 Service Center of Red Gate: 0538-6228289 Service Center of Zhongtian Gate: 0538-8066826 Ticket Office of Mount Tai Scenic Spot: 0538-8066828 Complaint Center: 0538-8066077 Scenic Spot Fireproofing Office of Mount Tai: 0538-8066111 Numbers for Helping: (1) Help center at Nantian Gate: 0538-8066206 (2) Help center at Zhongtian Gate: [...]

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Useful Maps

In order to give our tourists much more clear knowing of their location and where they are in or where they would go, we offer some Mount Tai maps here. These maps of Mount Tai could cover Mount Tai location map, Mount Tai region map, Mount Tai in Tai’an map, Mount Tai in China Map, Mount Tai climbing map, Mount Tai tours map, Mount Tai tourist attractions map, etc. [...]

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Mount Tai Accommodation

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