Mount Tai Tours

Mount Tai is a gorgeous and splendid tourist destination which you could enjoy the masterpieces of ancient constructions as Dai Temple, Nantian Gate, Bi Xia temple; precious stone inscriptions of past dynasties as Qin dynasty stone inscriptions, inscriptions rocks of the Diamond Sutra, cliffs with inscriptions of Tang dynasty; ancient trees like pine trees of Qin Dynasty, cypress of Han Dynasty, locust tree of Tang Dynasty, etc. All the above syncretize and integrate nature scenery and human cultural relics would amaze you if you pay a visit to Mount Tai. There are a number of natural sceneries and cultural sites so if you have planned tours, then you would welcome more time to visit more tourist attentions you want to. Furthermore, there are different routes like touring route for Red Gate, the touring route for Tianwaicun, etc. to reach Mount Tai, and your transportation tool would be different if you choose different routes. So you had better plan your tour in advance.