History and Culture Tour

Have a strong interest in Chinese history and culture? Want to discover and explore the rich history and diverse culture? Well, our China history and culture tours are especially designed for you.

China’s long history and culture has always been mysterious and arouse people’s curiosity. Beijing, the capital of China, is a must-go city, which has world’s largest royal palace – Forbidden City, the seventh wonder of the world – The Great Wall, China’s largest and most complete imperial garden – The Summer Palace, etc. Xian, the capital for six dynasties, is reputed as one of the top ten ancient capitals in the world. Besides, there are many ancient towns and villages to visit and many folk culture to experience. Our China historical and cultural tours cover the most attractive highlights in this mysterious nation for you to discover the authentic China. Join us and travel at your pace. All of the tours can be extended and customized to enhance your China trip.