Snow Mountain Climbing

Plan your China Mountains Climbing and Hiking Tour? Check these China Climbing Tours itineraries as well as the Top Snow Mountains for climbing including the most famous Snow Mountains in China, mountains and forest parks for camping, hiking, trekking and climbing adventure tours. Around China, there are numerous high Snow Mountains with hiking and climbing paths. Choose the top 10 recommended Hiking and Snow Mountains climbing Tours, explore The best hiking Hill Trails,The Top Mountain Forest Parks around China.

Snow mountain climbing is a lifelong dream for many people. Most of China’s snow mountains are located in the high altitude areas of western China. The famous golden sunrise on the 13 peaks of Meli Snow Mountain is a must-see that has made countless backpackers yearn for it. Yulong snow mountain is the largest snow mountain in the southmost of northern hemisphere. Haba Snow Mountain is regarded as an ideal trekking paradise for beginners who are intended to climb a real snow mountain at an altitude of more than 5000m. Do you want an adventure trip? Let’s start with our snow mountain climbing and you will have the feeling of on top of the world! Following are our snow mountain tour packages and customized tours are also available for you.