Top China Tours

China is a country with a great history, diverse cultures, beautiful natural scenery, strong economy, delicious food, and the most people in the world. If you want to find out how the real China looks like, you must forget what you learn about China on the movies or books. Because, the changes in China are even faster than the publish time of a book or movie. In China, thing is changed in every second. If you want to find an answer about real China, then here is a list of the places you must go. Xian , here is the best place to learn Chinese history. In Xian, a piece of rock on the wall could be an antique. Yunnan (52 ethnic groups in here with a total of 56 in China), a place full of different ethnic groups, in here you can experience all different cultures about different ethnic groups in China. Tibet , here is one of the places with the most beautiful natural scenery on the earth. Shanghai , here you will find out why currently China is the country with the most people and the highest GDP. Sichuan, Sichuan cuisine is the most popular one of the eight major components of Chinese cuisine in China. Here, you can try different delicious food every day without repeating. Are you ready to explore the authentic China right now?