China is unbelievably large with abundant tourism resources. How to choose a proper tour can be very tough for a tourist who has never been to China. But never mind, we will introduce you the traditional classic tour, the new popular China tours, as well as theme travels that are suitable for all kinds of tourists. For the first time travelers, we have designed some popular tours with classic sights based on our years of professional experience, such as the tours of classic wonders, the golden triangle, pandas, etc. If you want to explore China in depth, here are also some recommend awesome itineraries for experiencing the stunning scenery and profound culture of China.

Once you found that one you like, just contact us by email or phone. All of our China tours are at an extremely competitive price with high-end service. Also we provide private custom-made tours for our clients to meet your personal preference and budget. Start here and we believe you will come back with a rewarding journey.