Cuiyuan Yang

Hello, my friends. I’m Cuiyuan Yang, and you can call me Yang. I work as an intern editor in Tans-Asia Discovery. I am an outgoing girl and I like singing. I am Han people, but I like our Yunnan’s culture very much for it gives me a lot of ways to explore the different world. Yunnan is a wonderful city, and I like to search the interesting stories to edit in the internet for you to explore the charming fairyland. In my daily life, I’d like to go out to find something interesting to enjoy my experience. There are many beautiful sceneries in Yunnan. There are lots of attractions discovered and now they attract more and more people to come Yunnan to see what they are so attractive. And there are some places which are still buried under the earth, which need someone to discovery them. I am waiting for you to explore and discovery them.