Why Travel with Us?

100% Tailor-made

We are dedicated to provide our clients with 100% tailor-made tours. Stuck in a group of strangers is really not a good experience. Our private tour is especially provided to these tourists like you, to visit the regions of China that interest you most with your own driver and guide. You can design your own holiday around your interests and requirements. You can also travel at the pace of your own, and select the accommodation and food you prefer. Our specialists will work with you to create your very own unique trip.


We are native of China. So we have many advantages over a foreign based company due to our first-hand expert knowledge. Born on this mysterious land, We understand China deeply and are familiar with the regions our clients will go. Therefore, China Dragon Tours(CDT) will give our clients opportunity to unlock the real China, visiting local families, trying the authentic food, experiencing ethnic cultures…

More New Routes

Since based in China, we have many opportunities to go out to look for new and exciting sites to enrich our routes. Only scratching the surface of China is not enough for our travelers. China is so vast that there are many virgin place waiting for us to explore and discover. No matter you are a first-time traveler to China or a tenth-time visitor, certainty you will see a different China with China Dragon Tours(CDT)!

Years of Experience

We have more than 15 years experience in the Chinese tourism industry and first serve our clients Yunnan tours. So we can provide you best tour packages at a great price. We have also established our team of enthusiastic tour consultant, knowledgeable guides and responsible drivers as well as fantastic hotels and exquisite restaurant to ensure you a flawless China holiday. Besides, we have strong ability to deal with all kind of problems and emergencies. All the thing you need to do is enjoy yourself in this wonderful land!

No Middle Man

Since we are in direct contact with each of our customers, there is no middle man to pocket the difference and lower the quality of service. So we can offer the most competitive prices, at the same time, guarantee the high-end service to you. On the other hand, direct contact can shorten the communication time and improve the efficiency of communication. We know exactly what you want and can meet your every need. Travel China in a more affordable and comfortable way!

All-round Service

During your tour, our travel consultant will keep in touch with you until your tour is ended, to care about how is everything going and be ready to provide any help you need. We believe that every traveler with us will get an unforgettable China vacation!