Facilities on China High-speed Train

Facilities on China High-speed Train include luggage racks, dining, drinkable hot water, toilet, power sockets, sanitary bags, etc. China high-speed trains are advanced, modern and clean, where passengers will have a comfortable and pleasant journey.

Carriage of China High-speed Train

China’s high-speed trains consist of eight carriages, the numbers of which are displayed on the outside and inside of the train. The number on the outside can be seen above or beside the entrance door, while the inside one is always displayed at the end of each carriage. The train number, departure station and arrival station can also be seen outside the train. You’d better check before boarding the train. 

Sometimes the two trains may be connected together to carry more passengers during peak seasons such as Chinese New Year and National Day. 

Seats of China High-speed Train

To meet the needs of every passenger, China’s high-speed trains are equipped with different types of seats, including business class seat, premium class seat, first class seat and second class seat.

  • Premium Class Seat: Not available for every High Speed Train. Some seats are like that of business class, some like that of 1st class.
  • Business Class Seat: Have fully-reclining leather chairs, reading lamp, service call, large tray table, back cushions, etc. It is the most advance and deluxe among all types of seats.
  • 1st Class Seat: Two seats on either side of a center aisle, with more plentiful leg room. It is equipped with tray table, footrest, windowsill, pillow, power sockets, etc.
  • 2nd Class Seat: A tighter seating arrangement with three seats on one side of the aisle and two on the other.
  • Sleeper: Three types of sleeper including New Individual Sleepers, Soft Sleepers Compartment, Deluxe Soft Sleeper Compartment.


Luggage Racks of China High-speed Train

China’s high-speed trains have luggage racks and closets to store luggage. With only about 45 – 50cm wide and 50 – 60cm high, overhead racks on both sides of the seats are the most commonly used space for luggage, while a closet at the junction of the two carriages is the best place for large, heavy suitcases. The closets are usually more than a meter (3.3 feet) high, which is enough to accommodate a 30-inch suitcase. There are rooms behind the last row of seats for 28-inch suitcases and other luggages in some carriages.

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Drinkable Hot Water on China High-speed Train

There is a water heater at the end of each carriage. Free boiled water is provided throughout the journey. The green light showed that the water was completely heated. Put your bottle under the tap and press the button with red or green color. You will get hot water. Usually there are three lights above the big button. A red light means the heater is working and a green light means the water is boiling. 

Food on China High-speed Train

Every high-speed train has a dining car providing food and drinks for passengers which is usually located in the 5th carriage. Only pre-packed meals are available and the price goes from 15 Yuan to 65 Yuan. A variety of drinks include wine, beer, coke, juice, milk and coffee. Business class passengers, super class passengers and first class passengers will be served with free meals and drinks. 

The attendants will also push a trolley to sell meals and packaged snacks during the trip. So you can stay in your seat and wait for them. 

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Toilets on China High-speed Train

Toilets on high-speed trains are usually modern and clean. Waiters often clean toilets. There is toilet paper in the bathroom. Smoking is not allowed in the toilet. You can check the signs on the door of the bathroom. The red sign on the door means that the toilet is occupied, and the green sign means that no one means it is not occupied. All toilets have a “flush button” above them, including squat toilets and western-style toilets. You just need to click it to automatically flush, while flushing may be delayed. 

Barrier-free toilets are available on most high-speed trains in China, which are designed for disabled passengers. It is usually located at the fourth or fifth carriage of the high-speed train. There is a small stage in the toilet where mothers can change diapers for babies. There is a sigh in Chinese and English on all the large automatic doors of the toilet. The bathroom has a large space with a Western-style bathroom, a large basin, an armrest and a mirror. Toilet paper is provided.

The wash basins are either inside or outside of the toilets. Hand sanitizer and paper towels are provided.

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Power Sockets on China High-speed Train

With the exception of older train models such as the CRH1, most Chinese high-speed trains are equipped with power outlets. Depending on the type of train, electrical outlets are arranged in different places, such as under the seat, next to the sink, and under the luggage rack. Business class passengers have their own special sockets, while first – and second-class passengers have to share sockets with other passengers.  All electricity onboard is 220V.

Dustbins and Sanitary Bags 

Dustbins are located at one end of each carriage. You must push the door of the dustbin open before you throw away the rubbish. It is blended with the wall and not conspicuous, so pat attention to the end of the carriage and you can find it. 

There is a sanitary bag in the grid pocket of each seat. The cleaners on the high-speed train will collect the old bags from time to time, and if she takes them away, you get a new one.

Safety on China High-speed Train

Every carriage is equipped with fire extinguishers, security hammers, and emergency brake. Security hammers are used to break the window and two buttons under the liquid crystal for fire alarming and emergency brake. All carriages are closed and equipped with smoke alarms during the journey, so smoking is banned, even in the bathroom. If you smoke on the train, you’ll be forbidden to take any train during the next half year, fined CNY 500 – 2,000 or even given a security detention.

Free Wi-Fi on China High-speed Train

Free WIFI is only available on some trains like Fuxing Bullet Trains and some Hexie High speed Trains. On these trains, you can surf the internet freely, or you have to use your phone number to get on the internet.

Entertainment on China High-speed Train

On high-speed trains, each carriage has LCD televisions to show movies or TV shows during the journey. The headphone jack and volume buttons are located on the armrests of each seat. Business class passengers also have private LCD screens in the armrests of their seats. You can also listen to the radio during the trip.

But all the shows or radio only speak Chinese.

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