China Tea Culture Tours

China Tea Culture Tours are the tour routes specially designed for tea culture and tea trade lovers.Here you can find information of Tea Tour packages, Tea Plantations,Tea gardens, Tea mountains, Tea villages, Tea Factories, Tea Shopping, Tea cooking,Tea Making Class for your China Tea Trip.

China is the homeland of tea and and tea has become the national drink. In China, there are various drinking habits and customs in different ethnic groups or different regions. Southwest China is the origin of tea tree, and Yunnan is the most famous province producing tea, such as Puer. Jiangnan tea area has the most famous tea in China, such as Bi Luo Chun tea. South China is the main producing area of Olong tea. Our top-quality tea culture tours show the unique charm and colorful style of tea travel that include tea-picking, tea-making, tea-tasting, tea-watching, etc, both short trips or in-depth travels. Come and enjoy various famous tea culture with YChinaTours.