Estella Li

Hello, my name is Estella Li. I’m from Kunming. My major is Tourism English. The major require us not only to master English and also to learn knowledge related to tourism. I choose this major because that I love to travel around and explore different cultures in different places. I’m an outgoing and optimistic girl. I’d like to make friends with all kinds of people. I also care about everyone around me so that I can have a good relation with my friends. I enjoy my life and my job. I hope I could provide the best service to you with my proficient. I think traveling is a project that can make us feel relaxed and happy both physically and mentally. So I am willing to find a job related to travel.
Currently, I work as a Web editor Working for China Dragon Tours(CDT).Our website will provide you with information and services of various places, so that you can enjoy the best quality of your journey. If you have any suggestions or questions about our website, you can leave us a message on the website, we will give you a reply as soon as possible.

Estella Li-Li Yameng Website Editor of YChinaTours in Kunming Yunnan
Estella Li-Li Yameng Website Editor of China Dragon Tours in Kunming Yunnan