China High Speed Trains

By the end of 2018, the operating mileage of high-speeds in China will reach more than 29,000 kilometers, more than two-thirds of the total mileage of high-speed trains in the world. It is the country with the longest high-speed rail mileage, the highest transport density and the most complex rail network in the world. China’s high-speed trains runs at 250-350 km/h, which greatly shortens the travel time and attracts many passengers with its comfort, convenience, safety and punctuality. By high speed trains, you can get to more than hundreds of destinations. 

Why Take High-Speed Trains for Trips in China

1. Fast

China’s high-speed trains runs at speeds of about 250-350 km/h. The latest revival trains can reach speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour. It takes only five hours from Shanghai to Beijing (more than 1200 kilometers).

2. Punctual

High-speed trains is less affected by weather conditions or traffic control, which avoids the high delay rates of airplanes and normal speed trains. It also has priority over ordinary trains on the same railway line.

3. Convenient

There are many high-speed trains running during the day (especially between hot cities), so you can choose the most suitable one according to your schedule. It is also easy to cancel or change. Many high-speed railway stations can be reached by subway, making high-speed train travel more convenient than ever before.

4. Comfortable

Modern facilities on high-speed trains make your trip more comfortable, with wider and softer seats, larger windows and cleaner bathrooms. You can enjoy almost the same service as on an airplane, and more importantly, you can use the Internet on high-speed trains.


Popular High Speed Train Cities

The rapid development of China’s high-speed railway covers more than 150 cities, including 32 provincial capitals and municipalities, stretching further to the far southern bottom of Guangzhou, extending east to Shanghai and north to Harbin. In order to better meet your needs and preferences, we have collected some of the most popular high-speed train cities to help you easily plan your trip to China.

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Popular China High Speed Railway Routes

In China, there are more than 550 cities connected by high speed trains. Beijing-Shanghai high train connecting the major two destinations of China is the most popular one in just 4.5 hours. Here we provide the most popular high speed railway routes to help you plan your China trip easily.

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China High Speed Railway Network

China high-speed railways are made up of national high-speed rail grid, regional high-speed rail, high-speed intercity railways, and other newly-built or upgraded railways. As of April 2019, the length of high-speed railway bridges in China had exceeded 16,000 kilometers.

The national 4+4 HSR Grid consists of eight high-speed railways, of which four runs north-south and four east-west, with a total length of 12,000 km. The 8+8 HSR Grid is a high-speed railway network supplemented by intercity railway, mainly consisting of the “eight vertical” corridors in coastal areas, Beijing and Shanghai, as well as the “eight horizontal” corridors in land bridges and along rivers. Regional High-Speed Rail and High-speed Intercity Railways are also important parts of China high-speed railway network. 

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China Speed Train Tours

China has one of the biggest and busiest rail networks in the world. In recent years, the high-speed trains are much more convenient and faster to get to the hot tourist destinations like Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Chengdu, Kunming and more. There are many world-class scenery along the Chinese railway that cannot be appreciated by plane. Sometimes, it is the fatest way to get around. The following China speed train tour packages are carefully designed catering to your different needs and interests. Enquire about one of our pre-designed speed train tour packages or just tell us your China train plan to customize the kind of your own.

6 Days Shanghai-Suzhou-Hangzhou Tour by Speed Train

8 Days Beijing-Xian-Shanghai Tour by Speed Train

9 Days Southern China Tour

10 Days China Silk Road Tour by Speed Train from Lanzhou to Urumqi

25 Days South China Minorities Discovery by Speed Train

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