5 Days Nujiang River and Nujiang Grand Canyon Rafting Tour

Nujiang Grand Canyon is one of the famous sites for whitewater rafting for its steep landform and grand scenery in Yunnan. Experience a thrilling whitewater rafting adventure and fantastic scenery in Nujiang Grand Canyon. During your 2 days’ experience, you’ll paddle a calm section of the river before plunging into the canyon’s exhilarating class 2-5 rapids. The tour includes all necessary river equipment, safety briefing and professional river guides.


  • Whitewater rafting adventure in Nujiang Grand Canyon;
  • Experience the thrills of rafting through class 2-5 rapids;
  • Safety briefing and professional guides.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Baoshan Arrival-Baihualing

Sightseeing and Activities: Nujiang arrival

Accommodation: Baihualing
Meals: none

Pick you up at Baoshan airport. Transfer to Baihualing for overnight.

Day 2 Baihualing-Nujiang

Sightseeing and Activities: practice of river rafting in Nujiang Grand Canyon

Accommodation: Baihualing
Meals: breakfast, lunch

Today, we will have some practices in the Nujiang Grand Canyon in Baoshan area to judge the white water ability of the castaways.

Day 3 Nujiang-Lushui

Sightseeing and Activities: River rafting

Accommodation: Nujiang
Meals: breakfast, lunch

Today, we will have 15 km river rafting in Nujiang Grand Canyon in Baoshan area. It includes 9 whitewater sites, class 2-3+.  In the late afternoon, transfer to Lushui for overnight.

Nujiang River and Nujiang Grand Canyon Rafting Tour
Nujiang River and Nujiang Grand Canyon Rafting Tour

Day 4 Nujiang-Baoshan

Sightseeing and Activities: River rafting

Accommodation: Baoshan
Meals: breakfast, lunch

Today, we will have about 15 km river rafting in Nujiang Grand Canyon in Lushui area. The total distance is about 30km, and there are 25 whitewater sites, class 3-5. We will choose a part of them for river rafting.  In the late afternoon, transfer to Baoshan for overnight.

Day 5 Baoshan Departure

Sightseeing and Activities: Baoshan departure

Accommodation: none
Meals: breakfast

Drop you off at Baoshan airport. Service ends.

Service Included:

  • All land transfer and transportation as listed in the itinerary;
  • Excellent English speaking tour guide and skilled driver;
  • Entrance tickets mentioned in the itinerary;
  • Two bottles of water each day each person;
  • All standard rafting equipment as necessary (such as self-bailing rafts, helmets, life jackets, kayaks, plastic paddles and spray jackets etc.)
  • Accommodation with breakfast;
  • Meals as mentioned.

Service Excluded:

  • Any arrival and departure international airfares or train tickets;
  • Chinese visa fees;
  • Tips to guides and drivers;
  • Personal expenses and gratuities to service staff;
  • Personal travel accident insurance;
  • All optional programs.

Travel Tips:

  • The best time for this tour is from November to April of the next year. It’s in the dry season. The temperature of the water is from 6-10 ℃.
  • Always wear a life jacket, or personal flotation device.
    Although just because you wear a life jacket, it doesn’t mean it will save your life. It must be worn correctly. All buckles must be clipped and the jacket should be fitted snug to your body. The trick here is to have the jacket fitted so you can breathe yet the jacket should not be able to be pulled up over your head. Always have your professional guide fit your jacket. This will insure a perfect fit.
  • Make sure you have the right outerwear for the day.
    In early Spring, the water may be a little chilly. Wearing a wet suit, splash jacket, and proper river shoes can make the trip much more comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the thrill without the chill. Some outfitters rent this gear. A reputable outfitter will have gear for you. Find out before you book if the outfitter has gear for you. Raft Masters includes this gear as part of the package at no additional cost. On the other side of the spectrum: be prepared for sunny clear days. This can be accomplished by wearing quick drying clothing like polypro and wearing sunscreen and a cheap pair of sunglasses with UV protection. Raft Masters sells sun screen, sunglasses, and straps for your sunglasses so you don’t lose them. Remember sunburns can happen fast at higher elevation and can be severe. Sunburns or hypothermia are no fun.
  • Hold the paddle properly.
    Holding the paddle properly can be a huge safety concern. One hand should be at the base of the paddle on the shaft. The other hand should ALWAYS be on the end of the shaft over the “T” grip. The “T” grip is made of hard plastic and can blacken eyes and knock out teeth. Keeping your hand over the “T” grip will keep control of the paddle and cushion the blow if it should happen. Ask your professional commercial guide for the proper technique.
  • Stay in the boat!
    This sounds like common sense, but it can happen. One minute you are in the boat and the next you are swimming next to it. When rafting, pay attention and watch for rocks coming from downstream. Your guide may use a command called “Bump” just before the boat hits a rock. If your guide calls out, “Bump!” lean in while placing your paddle “T” grip on the floor of the boat. Make sure you still keep your hand over the grip. If the “Bump” command is executed correctly your blade end of the paddle will be up in the air and your fist over the grip will be on the floor of the boat. This should keep you in the boat. After the boat collides with the rock, return to your seat and be ready to paddle. If you fall out of the boat, the most important thing to do is… DON’T PANIC! Find your boat. Most times when someone falls out of the boat they pop up right next to the boat. Grab it so you don’t float away. If you are a couple of feet away from the boat, swim to the boat. If you pop up and you are far from the boat, look for other rescue options, other boats or the riverbank. Remember, there are two riverbanks for your convenience, one on either side of the river. If you are panicking you won’t think about getting back to the boat and the rescue becomes more difficult. Your guide will go over this in great detail during the safety talk before the trip.
  • Listen to your guide during the safety talk and on the water.
    Your experienced Raft Masters’ guide is trained to know exactly how to handle any type of situation encountered while on the river.