Nujiang Overview

Introduction In Brief

Located in West of Yunnan, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture got its name from Nujiang River that flows through from north to south, which is the only autonomous prefecture of Lisu ethnic minority in China. Among all the ethnic minorities inhabited in Nujiang, Dulong nationality and Nu nationlity can be only found here. Nujiang River is one of the rivers within the Three Rivers Natural Reserve, a world heritage site listed by UNESCO, which flows into Myanmar, joins the Salween River and ends its journey at the India Ocean.

Basic Information

Chinese Name: 怒江傈僳族自治州

English Name: Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture

 Location: northwest of Yunnan Province

Zip Code: 673200

Dailing Code: 0886

Area Population: 14,703 square kilometers

Language: Lisu language



In Han Dynasty, Nujiang submit to the Yuesui, Yizhou and Yongchang Prefecture. In Wei and Jin period, it was under the administration of Yongchang, Yunnan etc. During the Dali Kingdom, Lushui was a part of Shengxiang Prefecture. Nujiang Prefecture was set in August 23, 1954. in history, Nujiang people played the important roles in defensing and protecting Nujiang and themselves. For instance, people of Pianma fought bravely against the aggression of the British. The ethnic groups expelled French missionaries. In general, local people carry on their tradition generation by generation.


Nujiang, lying in the longitudinal valley area of Hengduan Mountains in western Yunnan, enjoys a plateau monsoon climate at low latitude. Nujiang features clear dry and wet seasons, great temperature difference between day and night and small temperature difference during the whole year. The average temperature is 16.8℃-20.1℃. Due to the landform and latitude, it is colder in its northern part, warmer in the middle and hot in the south; it is cold in the high mountain area, warm in halfway up the mountain and hot along the Nujiang River. The best time to visit Nujiang is September after the rainy season.


Nujiang is one of the rivers within the Three Rivers Natural Reserve, a world heritage site listed by UNESCO. It is located throughout southwest China's Yunnan Province and flows into Myanmar, where it joins the Salween River and ends its journey at the India Ocean.

The Nujiang Gorge running from northwest Yunnan to Tibet lies in a narrow strip of land bordering Myanmar, sandwiched to the west by Gaoligong Mountain range and the Biluo Mountain range on the east. It runs through one of China's remotest areas, with carved canyons running through it. However, due to its inaccessibility, the Nujiang River has never been a popular tourism destination.



  There is no plane or railway in Nujiang. However, Nujiang Airport is under construction and will be used in October, 2019. In the future, travelers can transfer in Nujiang easier.


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 Three Parallel Longitudinal Rivers

 Nujiang River

Lancang River

Dimaluo Village in Bingzhongluo 

Ethnic Culture

Nujiang is located throughout southwest China's Yunnan Province. It’s the only autonomous prefecture of Lishu ethnic minority. There are Lishu, Nu, Dulong, Pumi, Bai, Yi, Naxi in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. Among them, Lishu is the dominated ethnic minority and Dulong and Nu are the indigenous ones in Nujiang.

What to Eat in Nujiang

Bamboo Section Wine 竹节酒, 竹筒酒

Stone Baked Cake 石板粑粑

Chujiu (Vinegar Wine) 泸水杵酒

What to Buy in Nujiang

Musk Deer and Musk 麝和麝香

Dulong Carpet 独龙毯