Nujiang Dining

With the diverse ethnic groups, Nujiang enjoys the colorful food culture. Here are some recommended local food for travelers.

What to Eat


Bamboo Section Wine 竹节酒, 竹筒酒

Bamboo section wine is a traditional drink among Dulong ethnic minority, no matter young or old, women or men. It is also a kind of wine drunk at a wedding feast or some important days.


Xiala, Gongla (Meat Wine and Egg Wine) 侠辣,巩辣

As the rare delicacy of Nu nationality, it is made of liquor. ‘Xia’ means meat; ‘Gong’ means eggs; and ‘La’ means liquor in the Nu language. Meat wine and egg wine is well brewed wine, fresh with faint scent. It is a kind of dietetic foods, which has good curative effect on building up vital energy and nourishes the blood. So it is a favorite advanced nourishing food for the Nu ethnic minority.

Stone Baked Cake 石板粑粑

Stone baked cake is a kind of ancient food for Dulong and Nu nationality in Gongshan County. It is very strange that they are not cooked in an iron pan but in a stone pan. It tastes special and full of nutrition.


Chujiu (Vinegar Wine) 泸水杵酒

This kind of wine contains 17% to 18% alcohol. Taste faint scent and full of nutrition. It can refresh and stimulate appetite, so it is an important beverage for the local Lisu ethnic minority. Recently, the local people give the vinegar beer a funny name, Canyon Beer. 


Where to Eat

Since they are favored by local people, these liquor and food are common in Nujiang. They can be found in many restaurants and markets.

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