Nujiang Shopping

Except for the magnificent landscape, the specialties of Nujiang are unique and special, covering the spice, handicrafts and animals etc..

Crossbow 弓弩

It is one of the existing primitive hunting tools, which is made of hard wood. The bowstring is made of ox tendon. Together with the bamboo arrow and arrow bag, this kind of crossbow is very powerful. Within five meters, it can strike the ordinary wooden door.


Musk Deer and Musk 麝和麝香

Musk deer is a kind of rare wild animal in Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. The musk has fore limbs, long hindquarters, small hoof and big ears. Both male and female musk have no horn. On color of the musk is brown, the color on the back is darker. Some has dust color with some less obvious dust yellow stripes and spots. The secretion of the male musk's musk gland can be dried up to make into a kind of rare precious medicinal materials, musk, which is also a kind of precious spice. The output of musk in Yunnan Province is number four in China, and Nujiang’s output is number one in Yunnan Province.


Dulong Carpet 独龙毯

Dulong carpet is a handcraft made by Dulong women. The raw materials are wild hemp and home-planted hemp. People twist the hemp into strings and dye them with liquid in different color, which are made of various plants. Dulong carpet is durable and rain-proof, which can also be used as mat or quilt. To make an elegant Dulong carpet needs more than ten processes including peeling hemp, spinning, design, making woofs etc., and they need various tools to finish these processes. Nowadays, it is a kind of traditional costume for Dulong people to wear a piece of elegant Dulong carpet. The handcraft carpet may be very expensive.


Black Bear 黑熊

The black bear also called it "big black dog". It is the "master" of mountains and forests of Nujiang. According to the medicine book, the black bear's gall bladder is a kind of rare Chinese medicinal herb. It has analgesic, sedative, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects.

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