Nujiang Accommodation

A good rest play a significant part in a trip, so choosing a favored lodging place in Nujiang should be taken into account. Have no idea about the hotels, Don't worry, Yunnan exploration selects some recommendatory hotels with good availability and great rates for your stay. 

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Shengshi Hongbang Hotel of Lushui City


No. 1 Nujiang Commercial Plaza, Renmin Road of Liuku in Lushui City


Located in the commercial center of Liuku, hotel is a garden hotel, with lodging, dinning, shopping and entertainment. It also provides the complete facilities.

Nujiang Hotel of Lushui City


No.1 Northern Tongxing Road, Nujiang Avenue, Xincheng District, Liuku Town, Lushui City


It enjoys favorable environment, near the Nujiang Avenue. The well-equipped hotel can give you high-quality rooms with elegant decoration.

Jinmeng Hotel of Lushui City



Near Qingshan Park, No.90 Renmin Road, Liuku Town, Lushui City


This hotel is currently the only high-end hotel in Nujiang Prefecture and operated according to the high star standard. It also enjoys the superior location. It is the ideal place for your rest and entertainment.

Grand Canyon Hotel of Lushui  City



Near No.1 People’s Hospital of Lushui City, Fengqing Business Street, Xincheng District, Liuku Town, Lushui City


The hotels enjoys favorable environment and superior location. With fine decoration, rooms are comfortable. According to diverse demands, hotel provides the exclusive service for your stay.

Gudaofang Guest House of Bingzhongluo Town in Gongshan County



Near Taohua Island, Bingzhongluo Town, Gongshan County


With local styles, the small building in Bingzhongluo Town is a favorable place for you to enjoy life. Enjoying the barbecue and bear, you will live among the mountain and Nujiang River, as if time stands still.