1 Day Beijing Aoyuan Golf Club and Summer Palace Tour

Travel proposal

  1. In the Morning go to the Aoyuan Golf Course – Afternoon go to the Summer Palace and outside look at Olympic Stadiums.
  • Aoyuan Golf Course

The club is located in the north of the Fifth Ring Road, the south of Qinghe River, the west of lincui Road, and the east of Badaling Expressway. The stadium has convenient transportation and four connections with the eight universities. You can drive from Anli Road, Badaling Expressway and lincui road of the Fifth Ring Road, which is 10 minutes away.

Opening Hours:08:00-20:30

Add: North Fifth Ring Middle Road, Olympic Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Charges are as follows:( Nine holes take about two hours )

Fee items

Non member(RMB)




9 holes

708.5yuan/per person

968.5yuan/per person


  • Summer Palace

   The summer palace, the imperial garden of the Qing Dynasty in China, formerly known as Qingyi Garden, is located in the western suburb of Beijing, 15 kilometers away from the city, covering an area of about 290 hectares, adjacent to the Yuanmingyuan Garden. It is a large-scale landscape garden built on the basis of Kunming Lake and Wanshou mountain, based on the West Lake of Hangzhou, and drawing on the design techniques of Jiangnan gardens. It is also the most complete royal palace imperial garden, known as the “Royal Garden Museum”, and also a national key tourist attraction.