China National Highways

With the completion in 2008 of the five north-south and the seven east-west national arterial highways, totaling 35,000 km (22,000 mi), Beijing and Shanghai were linked by major highways, chiefly expressways, to the capitals of all provinces and autonomous regions of China, creating highway connections between over 200 cities. In 2013 the Ministry of Transport announced the “National Highway Network Planning (2013 – 2030)”, which will bring the total number of highways to 119, with 81 connecting highways between them. The total mileage will be increased to 265,000 km (165,000 mi), with increased focus on the western and less developed regions. As of 2018, China has 72 national highways. Nationwide highways often begin with the letter G, followed by three numerals. 

Numbering of China National Highways

Nationwide highways often begin with the letter GXXX, followed by three numerals. G stands for “national”. Five vertical and seven horizontal main routes were labelled in the former 000 series; highways in the 100 series (e.g. 102, 106) begin from Beijing(12 in total); highways in the 200 series stretch from north to south(27 in total); highways in the 300 series stretch from east to west(33 in total); highways in the 500 series are connecting roads between other national highways. In major cities, there is usually a gap in the road within the city.

Major National Highways in China

100 Series

G101: Beijing-Shenyang G102: Beijing-Harbin G103: Beijing-Tanggu G104: Beijing-Fuzhou
G105: Beijing-Zhuhai G106: Beijing-Guangzhou G107: Beijing-Shenzhen G108: Beijing-Kunming
G109:Beijing-Lhasa G110: Beijing-Yinchuan G111: Beijing-Jiagedaqi G112: Beijing-Gaobeidian

200 Series

G201: Hegang-Dalian G202: Heihe-Dalian G203: Mingshui-Shenyang G204: Yantai-Shanghai
G205: Shanhaiguan-Guangzhou G206:Yantai-Shantou G207: Xilinhot-Haian G208: Erenhot-Changzhi
G209:Hohhot-Beihai G210: Baotou-Nanning G211: Yinchuan-Xian G212: Lanzhou-Chongqing
G213: Lanzhou-Jinghong G214: Xining-Mohan G215: Hongliuyuan-Golmud G216: Altay-Baluntai
G217: Altay-Kuqa G218: Yining-Ruoqiang G219: Ruoqiang-Lhatse G220: Binzhou-Zhengzhou
G221: Harbin-Tongjiang G222: Harbin-Yichun G223: Haikou-Eastern Sanya G224: Haikou-Central Sanya
G225: Haikou-Western Sanya G227: Xining-Zhangye G228: Dandong-Dongxing  

300 Serious

G301: Suifenhe-Manzhouli G302: Hunchun-Ulanhot G303: Ji’an-Xilinhot G304: Dandong-Holingol
G305: Zhuanghe-Linxi G306: Suizhong-Heshigten G307: Qikou-Yinchuan G308: Qingdao-Shijiazhuang
G309: Rongcheng-Lanzhou G310: Lianyungang-Tianshui G311: Xuzhou-Xixia G312: Shanghai-Yining
G314: Ürümqi-Khunjerab G315: Xining-Kashgar G316: Fuzhou-Lanzhou G317: Chengdu-Naqu
G318: Shanghai-Zhangmu G319: Xiamen-Chengdu G320: Shanghai-Ruili G321: Guangzhou-Chengdu
G322: Hengyang-Youyiguan G323: Ruijin-Lincang G324: Fuzhou-Kunming G325: Guangzhou-Nanning
G326: Xiushan-Hekou G327: Heze-Lianyungang G328: Nanjing-Nantong G329: Hangzhou-Zhoushan
G330: Wenzhou-Shouchang      

000 Serious

G010: Tongjiang-Sanya G020: Beijing-Fuzhou G030: Beijing-Zhuhai G040: Erenhot-Hekou
G050: Chongqing-Zhanjiang G015: Suifenhe-Manzhouli G025: Dandong-Lahasa G035: Qingdao-Yinchuan
G045: Lianyungang-Khorgos G055: Shanghai-Chengdu G065: Shanghai-Ruili G075: Hengyang-Kunming

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