Mount Tai Dining

There are number of restaurants and snacks stalls that you could eat authentic dishes and snacks in Mount Tai. Many snacks pavilions and small restaurants at the foot Mount Tai provide you delicious cuisine with affordable price. Here is some information about Mount Tai food and places you could refer to.

What to Eat

  • Millet Pancake (泰山煎饼): Shandong is famous for millet pancake which is already spread to all over China so that you could eat authentic pancake in any place in here. With the features of being thin, crisp and fragrant, millet pancake is made from millet which is ranked in the top grade of Chinese pancake. Local people usually eat it by rolling green Chinese onion in it.
  • Deep-fried Red Squama Fish (干炸赤鳞鱼): Taking red-scale fish as an ingredient is a high-grade cuisine cooking way with Tai’an traditional flavor. The fish was a must-choice dish for emperors and officials who came here in ancient time so that local cooks passed its cooking skills from generation to generation, which makes the Deep-fried Red-scale Fish a local-featured dish.
  • Taishan Tofu Feast (泰山豆腐宴): Taishan Tofu Feast gets good fame from those who have visited here, and it is always missed by tourists. According to the historical records, it originated in Han Dynasty and played a key role in emperors’ ceremonies and rituals. In addition to the long history, the unique Mount Tai spring water brings it good taste and makes it different from tofu in other places.
  • Mount Tai Barbecue (泰山烧烤): The meet in Mount Tai barbecue is mainly mutton and it is self-service, which shows generosity and bold and unconstrained features of the locals. You could feel the pleasure of this kind of eating if you try. When it comes to noon and afternoon, you could see how barbecue plays a special role here.
  • Chinese Medicinal Food Feast (药膳宴): Owing to the pleasant climate in Mount Tai, there are various herbs. Cooks here made the best of them so that Chinese Medicinal Food Feast appeared. The feast is helpful for curing some illness and prolonging life. The feast covers several dishes like Steamed Chicken with lucid Ganoderma, Steamed Duck with lucid Ganoderma, Stewed Muttom Polygonum Multiflorum, Steamed Chicken with Four-leaf Ginseng, etc.
  • Soy Preserved Eggplant (酱摩茄): It is a special dish in Mount Tai. Taking unique eggplants as ingredients, they would be preserved by soy sauce. After half of month, it is done.

Where to Eat

Zuideyi Restaurant (醉得意)

It is 200 meters north of the Zhongbai Shopping Mall, on Naihedong Road. The restaurant offers various dishes like fried ice cream, drunken chops, etc. with affordable price.

Zhaoji Pancakes with Scallion Restaurant (赵记煎饼卷大葱)

It lies in the west of Rongliao Petrol Station on Taishan Avenue. It provides authentic Shandong pancake with scallion, and is welcomed by the locals as well as visitors.

Chengnanwangshi Restaurant (城南往事)

Located on No.A1-1017 Baolong City Square, it is good at providing delicious Jinan cuisine, and one of its specialties is Fried Carp with Sweet and Sour Sauce. It is said that the restaurant sells millions of fish every year.

Langyouhuo Restaurant (狼诱惑)

It is a chain store so that there are lots of branches. This restaurant lies on No.246 Daizong Avenue, Taishan District. Its most popular specialty is Big Chop which is ordered almost by every table.

Jiaodongzhuanghucheng Restaurant (胶东庄护城)

It lies on No.54 Dongyue Avenue, Taishan Diatrict. The restaurant offers you authentic Lu cuisine, especially its “Tai’an three beauties”.

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