Mount Tai Climate


The average temperature in spring varies from 8℃ to 10℃. The climate in this time is agreeable. What’s more, nature returns to life and peach trees are in full bloom, which makes it the best time to appreciate spring scenery here. Especially in May when is the perfect time to watch the sunrise of Mount Tai and the Full Moon rising from the sea of Clouds.


With the regulation of mountain, the weather of Mount Tai during summer is really cool, with an average temperature of only 17℃. Mount Tai is a summer resort for tourists to escape summer heat. Midsummer is the best time to enjoy the summer scenery of Mount Tai when Mount Tai is a vivid picture of lush pines, cascading waterfalls, birds' singing and a riot flowers. The sunset of Mount Tai is more attractive than the sunrise in summer which can not be missed if you ascend Mount Tai in summer.


Autumn is the most colorful season of Mount Tai. The variety of plants here brings gorgeous sights to tourists. In autumn, all the peaks are tinged with autumn gold and the valleys are filled with fruit and flowers. Early October is the best time to view the autumn scenery of Mount Tai when the days are fine and the sky is clear.


Winter witnesses low temperature in Mount Tai, with an average temperature of 6℃, and in January it could welcome lower average temperature. Mount Tai in winter has another lingering charm which is a quintessential north county scene. Late winter is the best time to appreciate the winter scenery of Mount Tai when tourists have chance to admire one of the Four Wonders of Mount Tai -- Rime and Glaze Scenery.