Mount Tai Festivals and Events

Mount Tai festival and activity part offers you details about what to do and what kind of events you could take part in if you visit here.

Dongyue Temple Fair

Time: Lunar March 28th
Holding Venue: Tai’an Square, Tai’an city
The festivals welcome various activities like folk customs show, peach blossom tourism festival, spring tourism sodality, Fengchan ceremonial ritual performances, etc. The festival originates in Tang Dynasty. Originally, its purpose is to celebrate the birthday of Dongyue Deity. Now, in addition to traditional religious activities, it is a combination of goods trading, culture, entertainment and tourism sightseeing. Dongyue Temple Fair reflects the characteristics of Mount Tai folk temple fair.

Feicheng Peach Blossom Festival

Time: April 5th –15th
Holding Venue: Feicheng
Great opening ceremony, folk art, flower admiration, economic and trading activities, etc. are all available during the period. Feicheng, whose peach is famous at home and abroad, is a peach culture resort. Its peaches are renowned with high quality and delicious taste. In ancient time, peaches here were imperial tributes to the court. With a planting area of 100,000, Feicheng has won the Guinness World Record of the "the world's largest peach orchard" title.

Tiankuang Festival

Time: lunar June 6th
In Tai’an, the old and the young would express congratulations to each other and eat a kind of cake named Gaoxue which is made of flour with sugar oil, which comes with two sayings that eating the cake makes you grow in June 6th and June 6th, every family hangs clothes. The beauty of the sayings is each one has its rhymes which make them cathy tunes. The festival originated in the Song Dynasty. And as the time went by, it changed and appeared with varying meaning.

Mount Tai International Climbing Festival

Time: Every September 6th – 10th
Holding Venue: Mount Tai
During this period, you could take part in a variety of activities like Mount Tai climate competition, around Mount Tai marathon, countryside style picking activities, Ningyang Cricket Festival, golden autumn phytography match, exhibitions, etc. 21 Mount Tai International Climbing Festivals since it started, and the festival attracts numerous mountaineering enthusiasts from many countries like Britain, France, America, South Korea, Japan, etc. So far, the festival has become a national sports commission recommended to the public and it is popular for lots of persons from home and abroad.