Mount Tai Travel Tips

Important Numbers

  • City Code: 0538
  • Zip Code: 271000
  • Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110
  • Tai’an City Tourist Administration: 0538-8209949
  • Duty Room of Mount Tai Administrative Committee: 0538-8225841
  • Mount Tai Tourism Consulting: 0538-6228289
  • Service Center of Red Gate: 0538-6228289
  • Service Center of Zhongtian Gate: 0538-8066826
  • Ticket Office of Mount Tai Scenic Spot: 0538-8066828
  • Complaint Center: 0538-8066077
  • Scenic Spot Fireproofing Office of Mount Tai: 0538-8066111

Numbers for Helping:

  • (1) Help center at Nantian Gate: 0538-8066206
  • (2) Help center at Zhongtian Gate: 0538-8066280 0538-8216076
  • (3) Help center at Red Gate: 0538-8066170
  • (4)Help center at Peach Blossom Land: 0538-8066183
  • (5)Help center at Zhongtian Gate: 0538-8216076

Post Office

  • Dajinkou Post Office: No.7 Taifo Road, Taishan District, Tai’an city
  • Changcheng Post Office: No.448-6 Dongyue Avenue, Taishan District, Tai’an city
  • Railway Station Post Office: Dongyue Avenue, Taishan District, Tai’an city
  • Daizong Post Office: No.24-5 Wenhua Road, Taishan District, Tai’an city
  • Taishan Post Office: No.232, Daizong Avenue, Taishan District, Tai’an city

Mountain Climbing

You need to keep suitable speed for your hiking to avoid muscle strain. When you rest, you could do some massage to prevent muscle stiffness.


Mount Tai Scenic Spot belongs to mountainous area so that suitable sports wears are needed.


Mount Tai Scenic Area so quite large, and there are lots of unexploited places. So no matter driving or walking, you had better not choose shortcuts to avoid getting lost.

If you have night climbing plans, please remember to take flashlights with you. In summer, if it is good weather, night mountain climbing here could be good an experience.

Please keep your ticket well because there are places that you would meet staffs checking tickets.

Generally, the temperature at mountain foot here would higher 3 to 6℃ than the top, and you hardly feel it during daytime, but it is a little cold on mountain top at night. Therefore, if you would like to get around here at night, please prepare some warm clothing. If you do not want to take too many things with you, it’s all right since you could rent clothes here.

You could not see the sunrise on the top of Mount Tai every day because sunrise is impacted by the weather. If there are clouds on the eastern horizon, there would not have sunrise. If it blows northwest wind first night, it is easier to appear sunrise next day because clouds would be blew to the sea. Thus, if you want to appreciate sunrise on the Mount Tai, it’s better for you to keep an eye on the weather and check the sunrise schedule.

If you take a driving tour here, you could drive to Tianwaicun or Taohuagu (Peach Blossom Valley) and transfer to tourist buses up to Mount Tai because private cars are not allowed to reach the mountain.

For the safety of tourists, tent camping is not allowed on the mountain top. Visitors could find hotels of all levels here.

If you take too much stuff that is not convenient for your climbing, there are some stores on the mountain foot to offer left-luggage service.