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Chinese Name: 元阳哈尼梯田 English IPA: Yuan Yang Location: Southeast of Yunnan Population (city): Unknown Language: Hani Language Zip code: 662400 Tel code: 0873 Time zone: (UTC+8)

Yuanyang County (元阳县) is one of the counties under the administration of Honghe prefecture. It is located in southeast of Yunnan province, China, along the Red River. 74 kilometers from east to west, 55 kilometers from north to south, it covers a total area of 2189.88 square kilometers. Yuanyang becomes well-known for its spectacular rice terrace. Part of the area in Yuanyang now owns the 45th World Heritage Site in China. 

Highlights of Yuanyang

Yuanyang Terrace Culture: Yuanyang terrace has a long history of more than 1300 years. The Best-known terraces include Laohuzui(Tiger Mouth) Rice Terrace, Duoyishu Rice Terrace, Bada Rice Terrace and Longshuba Rice Terrace.

Ethnic groups and culture: There are Hani, Yi, Han, Dai, Miao, Yao, Zhuang, seven ethnic groups living in Yuanyang for generations. Among them, Hani people account for more than 50%. Hani people created a brilliant terrace culture.

A Heaven for Photographers: Every year, a crowd of photographers are attracted by the spectacular view of Yuanyang terrace like sunrise, sunset, sea of cloud. More and more people admire the charm of Yuanyang rice terrace.

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Yuanyang Attractions

Yuanyang is well-known for Hani Rice Terraces, the most popular paradise for photographers, making it the ideal place to shoot natural large-scale Terraces, sunrise, sunset and sea of cloud. Yuanyang Rice Terraces was listed in the World Heritage in 2013. The main Yuanyang attractions focus on Laohuzui (Tiger Mouth) Rice Terrace, Duoyishu Rice Terrace, Bada Rice Terrace and Longshuba Rice Terraces. In addition to the terraces, you can also step your feet into the local villages with mushroom-shaped houses and enjoy the festivals and activities of Hani, Dai, Yi like Splashing Festival, [...]

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Yuanyang Tours

Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces is located in the south of Ailao Mountain, which is the masterpiece cultivated by generations of Hani people. As the core area of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, it consists of three main parts: Bada Rice Terraces, Duoyishu Rice Terraces and Laohuzui Rice Terraces. Our Yuanyang tour packages are often related to Kunming, Jianshui, Dali, Lijiang and Shangari-la. Kunming is usually served as the gateway city to Yuanyang which means it's the first station and will take 2-3 days [...]

Climate & When to Go

Climate & When to Go, Yuanyang , China Climate & When to Go

1. Yuanyang Geography Yuanyang County is located in the south of Yunnan Province, south of Ailao Mountain, soth bank of Honghe River. The geographical coordinate is 102°27′~103°13′ east longitude, 22°49′~23°19′ north latitude. The territory in Yuanyang is all mountain land, layer upon layer of mountains, and has no flat. With lowest altitude 144 meters, highest altitude of 2939.6 meters, the relative height difference is 2795.6 meters. 2. Yuanyang Climate Because of high altitude and low latitude, climate in Yuanyang is subtropical mountain monsoon climate, [...]

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Transportation, Yuanyang , China Transportation

Yuanyang County is located in the southeast of Yunnan province, South section of Ailao Mountain. Its county seat Nansha town is 284 kilometers from Kunming, 71 Kilometers from Mengzi, the government seat of Honghe Prefecture. The followings are something about Yuanyang Transportation. How to Get to & away Yuanyang County There are three main modes of transportation, long-distance bus, train and self-driving. 1. Long-distance Bus Lon-distance is a main way to get to Yuanyang. You can go directly from Kunming to Yuanyang by long-distance [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Main seven ethnic groups in Yuanyang are Hani, Yi, Han, Dai, Miao, Yao, Zhuang. They are indigenous peoples, living in Yuanyang for generations. They created their own traditional culture, so there are diverse festivals and activities in Yuanyang. Festivals in Yuanyang 1. Kuzhazha Festival(矻扎扎节)  Celebrated in the middle of the 6th lunar month, Kuzhazha Festival is also called June New Year. It is one of the grandest traditional festivals of Hani people as hilarious as Spring Festival of Han people. Its main activities are playing the swing, [...]

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Travel Tips

Yuanyang travel tips provide you some considerations when you are traveling in Yuanyang. These tips will be helpful for preparing a trip to Yuanyang. Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Postcode: 662400 Weather Report: 12121 Phone Dialing Code: 0873 Consumer Complaint: 12315 Tourist complaint: 0873-3727548 Consultant Telephone: 0873-5644827/0873-7966188 Dressing The annual average temperature in Yuanyang is 24.4℃. The territory in Yuanyang is all mountain land, temperature difference is great between day and night. For dressing, you are supposed to give priority to light clothing, warm coat and mountaineering Jackets are necessary. When going to [...]

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Useful Maps

If we go to somewhere new, maps are good support for us. To help you have a better understanding of Yuanyang County, we provide you different Honghe Yuanyang maps including Yuanyang region map, Yuanyang tourist attractions map, Yuanyang location map, Yuanyang transportation map, Yuanyang ethnic markets map, Yuanyang hiking tour map and Yuanyang tour map, etc, through which you can know how to get to Yuanyang and what to discover there.  [...]

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Yuanyang Accommodation

As a top destination in Yunnan, Where to stay in Yuanyang is not even a problem now. However, Yuanyang is a remote county far from Kunming, accommodation in Yuanyang is in basic. Otherwise, in Duoyishu Rice Terrace and Shengcun Village, there are many hostels decorating with Hani style. These hostels in Duoyishu Rice Terrace are convenient for tourists to watch the sunrise and sunset and offer a excellent angle to view the beautiful scenery of rice terrace through the window. Chinese Name English [...]

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