Long Dragon Banquet Festival of Hani Ethnic Group

“The New Grain Dinner and the Long Dragon Banquet” are two significant cultural events among the Hanis people living around the Honghe River.

  1. New Grain Dinner: The Hanis celebrate the New Grain Dinner on the first dragon day in July of the lunar calendar. Families pull up a small bundle of grain from their paddy fields and then process the rice into puffed rice in the afternoon. Before consuming the puffed rice, they offer some to the dog, as a gesture of gratitude, as legend has it that rice seeds were brought by a dog after a flood. They also enjoy freshly harvested melons, beans, vegetables, and tender bamboo shoots, symbolizing prosperity for the upcoming year. Additionally, they feast on castrated fat chicken in hopes of abundance and happiness.
  2. Long Dragon Banquet: The Long Dragon Banquet is held during the October New Year festival, which lasts six days starting from the first dragon day in October of the lunar calendar. Each village collectively kills a pig, and the pork is shared equally among all families. Families offer their portion of pork and chitterlings to their ancestors and then gather together with friends from other ethnic groups to celebrate. The highlight of the festival is the Long Dragon Banquet, where tables are set up in the center of the village, forming a long dragon over 100 meters. Families compete to offer the best dishes and wine, symbolizing their dignity and prosperity. Guests choose their neighbors and enjoy the feast, which is accompanied by gongs, drums, and traditional music. As the evening progresses, young men and women dance around bonfires, creating a joyful and festive atmosphere.

These cultural events symbolize harmony, prosperity, and happiness among the Hanis people and are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm.