Yuanyang Dining

Six minorities in Yuanyang has their own unique dining custom. In Yuanyang, eating is a unique enjoyment, but not too many choices. It is mainly concentrated on nearby Xinjie town square. Otherwise, there are some snack shops on the pedestrian street of Xinjie town. In the daytime, there are local snacks, such as rice flour, roasted tofu, tamarind fruit and local pancake. You can eat barbecue at night. More information about Yuanyang Restaurants and dining, please read on.

What to Eat in Yuanyang County

1. Hani Carp

Enjoying the sight of Yuanyang Rice Terrace and then tasting terrace carp, it can be said that this is a feast for eyes and mouth. Boiled fish with sour bamboo shoot is a good delicacy.

2. Field Snail

Water in Yuanyang rice terrace is clear with soft and deep mud, which is suitable for snail growth. The field snails in Yuanyang taste sweet and delicious, with high calcium content and good medicinal value.

3. Tianpeng Chicken(田棚鸡)

Tianpeng chicken is robust, thin and tender, and it tastes sweet. Like pheasant, Tianpeng chicken is well received by people.

4. Yuanyang Beef

There is a widespread saying "no one should come to Yuanyang and not eat Yuanyang beef". Yuanyang beef is renowned for its sweet flavor and no fishy smell.

5. Roasted Tofu

Bean curd, made from local soybean, is pressed to dry, and then packing it into square with cloth. After 3-5 days, it can be roasted over fire and eaten. This is a special flavor of Yuanyang.

6. Hani Roast Suckling Pig

Hani roast suckling pig, an exquisite cuisine, is made with small ears pig raised by Hani people. It is a delicacy of Hani people for distinguished guest. Its main ingredient is the suckling pig of less than three months.

Other local specialty includes wild edible larvaes like bee worm and bamboo worm. 

Where to Eat in Yuanyang County

1. Liujun Restaurant(六军饭店)

Address: Xinchen Highway, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县新街镇新陈公路)

Tel: 15912890567

2. Duoyishu Restaurant(多依树菜馆)

Address: Pugaolao Village, Duoyishu, Shengcun, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县新街镇胜村多依树普高老寨)

Tel: 15126270958

More Restaurants in Yuanyang County.

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