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When traveling in Yuanyang, you must be curious that what kinds of travel souvenirs you can buy for your friends or families, and Which specialties are only sold in Yuanyang? It is well-known that Yunnan ethnic groups are good at hand-making. The handicrafts made by them are colorful and exquisite. So when shopping in Yuanyang, the specialties such as Miao embroidery, ethnic clothes and shoes made by Hani people will be the top choices as souvenirs of your Yuanyang tour. Besides, you could not be worried to know where to buy these goods.  

What to buy in Yuanyang County

1. Crafts

Embroidery Goods(刺绣制品): clothes, shoes, wallets, bag and so on. All of these are made by hand by Hani people, with brocade.

Orchestral Instruments(管弦乐器): Lusheng(芦笙), Bamboo Flute(笛子) and Suona(唢呐). If you love music, you should not miss them.

Yi's Lacquerware(彝族漆器): A traditional household utensils of Yi.

2. Dry Foods

Red Rice in Yuanyang Terraced Fields(元阳梯田红米): it belongs to brown rice. its rice grain is small, only the two-thirds of hybrid rice. It has 1300 years of cultivation history.

Yuanyang Yunwu Tea(元阳云雾茶): Yunwu means cloud and fog in English. Yunwu tea got it name because it grows in the foggy mountain. It tastes strong but sweet after drinking for a while. It has obvious functions of producing saliva and quenching thirst, digesting and improving eyesight.

Yuanyang Cured Beef(元阳牛干巴): It has become a indispensable main dish on the table of Yuanyang people.

3. Fruits(水果)

Yuanyang Litchi(元阳荔枝): Lychee fruit is one of Yuanyang specialties, loved by consumers. It is available in March, and its full productive age is from April to May.

Lusha Pear(鲁沙梨): Produced in Lusha village, Shangxincheng township, Yuanyang Cunty, Lusha pear is nutritious, containing large amounts of fructose, malic acid; protein, fat, vitamins; as well as phosphorus, calcium, iron and other substance.

Where to buy in Yuanyang County

1. Yuanyang Ethnic Market Day

Many villages in Yuanyang have the custom of going to market, which is completely lively. When you are in Yuanyang, you might as well buy a local calendar, give attention to their market days and visit the markets, so that you can get a better experience of local customs and practices.

2. Yuanbao Fair Trade Market(元宝集贸市场)

It is a distinctive market in Nansha town, Yuanyang. You can shop there and take pictures of local people going to market. You can go there by taxi.

Address: Provincial Road 102, Nansha Town, Yuanyang County(元阳县南沙镇102县道)

3. Zhengheng Shopping Mall(正恒商业城)

Address: Datian Street, Xinjie Town, Yuanxian County(元阳县新街镇大田街)

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