Yuanyang Administrative Divisions

Yuanyang County has jurisdiction over 14 subdivisions, including 2 towns and 12 townships. It is further divided into 4 communities and 133 administrative villages. Here below are detailed towns and townships in Yuanyang.

2 Towns: Nansha Town(南沙镇), Xinjie Town(新街镇).

12 Townships: Niujiaozhai Township(牛角寨乡), Shalatuo Township(沙拉托乡), Ganiang Township(嘎娘乡), Shangxincheng Township(上新城乡), Xiaoxinjie Township(小新街乡), Fengchunling Township(逢春岭乡), Daping Township(大坪乡), Panzhihua Township(攀枝花乡), Huangcaoling Township(黄草岭乡), Huangmaoling Township(黄茅岭乡), Ezha Township(俄扎乡), Majie Township(马街乡).

Nansha Town is the new county seat of Yuanyang, Xinjie Town is the old county seat.

Traditional Ethnic Villages

Qingkou Village(箐口村) in Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County, Honghe

Azheke Village(阿者科村) in Xinjie Town, Yuanyang Couty, Honghe

Taiyang Laozhai Village(太阳老寨村) in Daping Township, Yuanyang County, Honghe

Yiwanshui Village(一碗水村) in Panzhihua Township, Yuanyang County, Honghe

Yakou Village(垭口村) in Panzhihua Township, Yuanyang County, Honghe

Dayutang Village(大鱼塘村) in Xinjie town, Yuanyang County, Honghe

Habo Village(哈播村) in Ezha Township, Yuanyang County, Honghe

Quanfuzhuang Village(全福庄村) in Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County, Honghe

Aichun Village(爱春村), in Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County, Honghe

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