Lugu Lake Travel Tips

1. Useful Numbers

• Fire: 119            

• Police: 0888-5881110           

• Ambulance: 0834-6390120

• Tourism Complaint: 0834-6362125,6390322,6396927

• Weather Report: 12121

2. Post Office

There is China Post located in Lugu Lake Town(Inside Sichuan province), south of the government, near the Huanhu Road.

3. Bank

There is no bank providing service in Lugu Lake scenic area. So please exchange your money in Lijiang. There are only rural credit cooperatives and ATMs within Lugu Lake Township of Sichuan, while there are ATMs of rural credit cooperatives within Daluoshui Village of Yunnan.

4. Hospital

This is only Lugu Town Central Hospital located in Lugu Lake Town(inside Sichuan province), near the seat of government.

5. Language

The residents of Lugu lake are mainly Mosuo, and the language is Mosuo dialect. In addition, Dazu village is a Naxi village, whose original inhabitants mainly speak Naxi language. With the rapid development of tourism, most people in the region can speak mandarin, and some of the young can speak English.

6. How to Get to Lugu Lake?

• From Lijiang(Yunnan Province) to Lugu Lake

• From Kunming(Yunnan Province) to Lugu Lake

 From Chengdu(Sichuan Province) to Lugu Lake

 From Xichang(Sichuan Province) to Lugu Lake

Notice: The airport in Luguhu Lake County is located at the high altitude and it’s easy to be shrouded by heavy fog. So you’d better get there by land.

7. Best Time to Visit

From March to May and from September to November is the best time. Spring and autumn is the best season to travel Lugu Lake. The rainy season of June, July and August is not recommended.

8. About Payment

Please take enough cash as most of the hotels and restaurants around the lake do not accept credit cards.

9. Weather Concerns

All activities around the Lugu Lake are basically outdoor activities. If time allows, be sure to check the weather before heading to the Lugu Lake. If you happen to visit the lake on a rainy day, you will probably miss the beauty of Lugu.

10. About Mosuo Family Visit

The Lugu Lake is famous for its Mosuo Culture, namely matriarchal clan tradition. You can ask the hotel boss for an address of home visit. But the Mosuo people usually only know their mothers and have no idea about their fathers, so don't ask about the fathers when paying a visit into their homes.

11. What to Pack

Lugu Lake is situated at 2690 meters high and ultraviolet ray is strong. The lowest temperature is 4 ℃ and the highest temperature is around 19 ℃ and the rainy months are from June to August. Sun-blocking scream and sunglasses are needed in four seasons. When visit in Summer, bring a light jacket and umbrella.

12. Accommodation

You are guaranteed to enjoy comfortable stay when visiting Lugu Lake. You can choose your accommodation from luxury hotels to budget but featured hostels. All the hotels and hostels are facing with Lugu Lake which means you can enjoy the lake scenery on the deck or in your room.

13.Food & Dining

Muosuo people offers you good meal and fine wine. You can try Preserved Pork, Roast Fish and Suluma Wine (low alcohol, taste sour and sweet with faint scent).

14. Be cautious about the “visiting marriage”

Know the rules and customs about “visiting marriage” and think again when someone shows his affection to you.

15. Featured Activities

● Campfire Party: a must do in Lugu Lake tour.

● Cruise Tour in Lugu Lake: Having a circle tour by Zhu Cao Boat (meaning Pig Feeding Trough Boat in English) is highly recommended.

● Mosuo Family Visit: Paying a home visit to Mosuo Family is the best way to learn local folk culture and enjoy the tranquil rurality. 

● Cycling around Lugu Lake: Da Luo Shui Village(大落水)→Lige Village(里格村)→Lige Sightseeing Platform(里格观景台)→尼塞村→Lise Island(里色岛)→Xiao Luo Shui Village(小落水)→Luyuan Cliff(卢源崖)→Big Mouth Village(大嘴村)→Aokua(凹夸)→Grass Wetland(草海)→Da Luo Shui Village(大落水)

● Hiking around Lugu Lake: Lige Island(里格岛)→Nisai Village(尼塞村)→Xiao Luo Shui Village(小落水村)→Da Zui Village(大嘴村)→Guhu Town(沽湖镇). This route will cost 7 hours.

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