Lugu Lake Transportation

Lugu Lake is situated at the border between Yanyuan County in Sichuan Province and Ninglang County in Yunnan Province, about 110km away from Yanyuan county and 73km away from Ninglang county. Nowadays, it is very convenient to get to Lugu Lake from Lijiang by bus or car; or from Kunming by flight; or from Chengdu by bus, car, flight or train.

1.The Road Condition

• Lijiang-Lugu Lake

Compared with the urban roads or provincial roads, the road to Lugu Lake from Lijiang is rugged and bumpy. At some places, in order to avoid skidding when frozen winter, it is the asphalt road on the face to the sun of the mountain, and the other face is the cobbled road.

• Chengdu-Lugu Lake

The road from Chengdu to Lugu Lake is better, because the part from Chengdu to Xichang is Jingkun Highway, the part from Xichang to Yanyuan is provincial road S307.

2. How to Get to Lugu Lake

• Lijiang - Lugu Lake

If you are now travelling in Lijiang, and want to visit the "County of Women" - Lugu Lake, you can choose the way below to get there.

By bus

Itinerary: Lijiang - Eighteen Curves of Hill Path - Jinshanjiang Grand Canyon - Small Liangshan Yizu Village - Ninglang county - Lugu Lake Viewing Deck - Sanjia Village - Daluoshui Village - Lige Village

Option 1: At Lijiang ancient town, there are round-trip special tourist buses to Lugu Lake. The terminal station is Lige bus station and the buses go through Daluoshui Village Bus Station.

Option 2: There are two general long-distance buses departing at 8:30 and 9:30 from Lijiang Gaokuai Bus Station to Daluoshui Village Bus Station in Yunnan Province. The distance is about 230km and it takes about 5.5 hours. The ticket fee is RMB 77 yuan.

Option 3: There are one bus departing at 8:30 from Lijiang to Yongning which goes through Lugu Lake.

Option 4: Take a bus at Lijiang Bus Station to Xichang Bus Station. The bus goes through Lugu Lake and arrives there at about 12 o'clock.

Option 5: Take a bus at Lijiang New Bus Station to Ninglang Bus Station and then change bus to Daluoshui Village Bus Station.

By Car-rental

In Lijiang city, it is feasible to rent a car or van to Lugu Lake. The fee is about 600 - 700 yuan. We can offer car rental service, and if you need a private car in Yunnan Province, please feel free to contact us. Our cars/ vans are new, safe and comfortable. Our drivers are skilled with several years of driving experience on the hill path.

Chengdu - Lugu Lake

If you are visiting the "Home of Giant Panda" - Chengdu, you can choose one of ways below to get Lugu Lake.

By Bus

Chengdu has no direct bus to Lugu Lake, but tourist can take the regular long-distance buses at Airport Bus Station and Shiyangchang Bus Station, or take the rolling buses at Chengdu Dongzhan Bus Station to Xichang, and then take buses departing at 8:10 and 9:30 to Lugu Lake Bus Station of Lugu Lake Town in Sichuan Province from Xichang Passenger Center Station. The distance is about 258km and it takes 7 - 8 hours.

By Car-rental

If you want to rent a private car or van to visit Lugu Lake, you can contact us and we will offer safe and comfortable vehicle according to the number of your group.

By Flight

There is 1 flight flying from Chengdu Shuangliu Airport to Yunnan Lugu Lake Airport every day and the departure time is one and a half hours. 

By Train+Bus

Tourists also take trains from Chengdu Train Station to Xichang Train Station. There are 7 K trains and 2 T trains and the shortest running time is 8 hours 35 minutes. In Xichang, tourists can choose to take the regular bus or rent car or van to Lugu Lake.

Kunming - Lugu Lake

If you are at the "Spring City" - Kunming, and want to visit Lugu Lake, you can choose the ways below to get to Lugu Lake.

By bus

There is a regular bus departing 09:30 at Kunming Xibu Bus Station to Ninglang Bus Station. The distance is about 590km and it takes about 10 hours. And then take regular bus to Lugu Lake in Yunnan Province.

By Flight

From Kunming Changshui Airport to Yunnan Lugu Lake Airport, there are 2 flights every days. The flying time is about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

By Train+Bus

Tourists also take train to Xichang from Kunming Train Station. There are 4 trains every day to Xichang Train Station. The shortest time is 7 hours 47 minutes, and then take the regular bus or rent a car in Xichang to Lugu Lake in Sichuan Province.