Kanas Lake Dining

Tourist attractions are always the gathering of snacks and dishes of one region. Kanas Lake Scenic Spot is no exception. You could eat snacks of other regions in Xinjiang as well as food that has local characteristics in Kanas Lake areas.

What to Eat in Kanas Lake

Grilled Fish

The dish uses pike as ingredient. And the pike is the specialty of Eerqisi River. In the local night market, it is one of the most delicious barbecue choices.

Kawasi Beer

It is a local beer which is brewed from corn, barley, lupulus and nectar, with sweet taste. It is a perfect match with the grilled pike fish.


Naan is indispensable food for people in Xinjiang region so that no matter in any place in Xinjiang, you could see it.

Yellow Cheese

It is also known as yellow tofu and is a local cheese with unique making processes and characteristics.


It uses fresh milk as ingredient. The fresh milk is cooked and then with flour added, and they they are aired to dry. It could be eaten directly or made into milk tea.


It is thought as one of the “eight Mongolian treasures”and uses mare’milk as ingredient. It has a long history and with completed making skills.

For places to eat, there are canteens and shops that sell diverse dishes and snacks scattered in the scenic spots.

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