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Chinese Name: 济南 English IPA: /'dʒi:'næn/ Location: North-western part of Shandong province Population (city): 7,236,100 Language: Mandarin, Jinan dialect Zip code: 271000 Tel code: 0531 Time zone: UTC+8

Situated in the central and western part of Shandong province, China, Jinan is next to the Mount Tai in south, crosses the Yellow River in north, and borders Liaocheng in southwest, Dezhou and Binzhou in north, ZiBo in east, Tai’an and Liawu in south. With a long history of over 2, 700 years and profound culture, Jinan is renowned as “the world’s capital of springs”. It is the birthplace of the Longshan culture which belongs to prehistoric civilization that symbolizes the origin of Chinese civilization. Jinan is a famous national historical and cultural city, a national innovative city, China’s well-known software city, and the important transportation hub and logistics center in the country. As the city of springs, Jinan is abundant in tourist resources, and it is a Chinese excellent tour city, and a significant element of Shandong’s tourism of “one mountain, one spring and one sage”. Jinan attracts thousands of visitors from home and abroad every year.


  • City of Springs: There are 4 spring groups in Jinan: Spouting Spring, Black Tiger Spring, Pearl Spring and Wulongtan. Owing to the city’s “spring protection”, the spouting of these spring groups all year round had been achieved.
  • Buddhist Sites: There are many historic Buddhist sites in Jinan, like the Four Gates Pagoda, the ruins of Shentong Temple, the Lingyan Temple in the southern county of Changqing which was one of the four most famous temples of the Tang dynasty, etc.
  • Prehistoric Culture: Human’s activities traces were found here about 8, 000 to 9,000 years ago so that ancient culture have been left in Jinan. The relics of prehistoric culture like Beixin culture, Dawenkou culture, Longshan culture, Yueshi culture, etc. scatter in different places of Jinan and give us more evidence to exploit ancient culture and civilization.
  • Tourist Attractions in Downtown: Spouting Spring, Qianfo Mountain, Daming Lake, Mingfucheng, Wulongtan, Jinan Liberation Pavilion, Huancheng Park, Quancheng Square, etc.
  • Minorities: Jinan is the capital city where fairly many ethnic groups scatter in eastern China. There are 49 minority groups, with a population of 109,299, accounting for 1.84% of the total population in Jinan. The culture of each nationality varies to each other, which brings abundant minority culture to Jinan.

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Jinan Attractions

As the capital city of Jinan, with good development conditions and being blessed with a great many of cultural sites and relics, and natural wonders of springs, Jinan is an amazing and popular tourist attraction. Visiting there, you could travel to lots of tourist sites like Spouting Spring Tourist Spot, Daming Lake Scenic Spot, Qianfo Mountain, Jiurushan Mountain Waterfalls, Longdong Mountain Scenic Site, Black Tiger Spring, Red Leaves Canyon, Wulongtan Park, The Best Spring in the World Scenic Spot, Nine [...]

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Jinan Tours

As one of the most popular tourist attractions for lots for visitors, Jinan enjoys abundant tourist resources. A lot of tourist attractions, like Spouting Spring Tourist Spot, Daming Lake Scenic Spot, Qianfo Mountain, Jiurushan Mountain Waterfalls, Longdong Mountain Scenic Site, scatter in varying areas in Jinan so that planned Jinan visiting tours are indispensable. Also, prepared Jinan tours could assist you save unnecessary time and bring you more visiting experiences. Jinan tour part offers some tours that you could refer [...]

Climate & When to Go

The highest temperature here is 42.5℃ (July 24, 1955), and the lowest is minus 19.7℃(January 17, 1953). The highest monthly average here is 27.2 ℃ in July and the lowest one is minus 3.2 ℃ in January. Due to the mountains to the south of the city, temperature inversions are common, occurring on about 200 days per year. The high precipitation for northern Chinese standards, in tandem with the topography (mountains surrounding the city on three sides), leads to particularly [...]

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Transportation of Jinan gives you corresponding information of Jinan transportation including the details of aviation, highway, railway, public transport and shared vehicles in Jinan. Aviation Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport Location: Jichang Road, Yaoqiang Town, Licheng District, Jinan City. Tel: 0531-96888 Located in the Licheng District which is in northeast of Jinan city, Shandong province, and it is 30 km away from the city center. It is one of the most important entering places for overseas visitors and main airports in China. It [...]

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Festivals and Activities

The following is some details of Jinan festivals and activities that you could refer to. Spouting Spring Lantern Festival Time: The whole lunar January Holding Venue: Spouting Spring Ticket Fare: 40 yuan Spouting Spring Lantern Festival has a long history. Since the lunar January 15th were claimed as Lantern Festival by Emperor Xuanzong , there were customs of releasing lanterns. After thousands of years, the customs are still kept. During this festival, you could see varies of lanterns on the roofs, [...]

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Travel Tips

Important Numbers China International Country Code Number: 0086 Check Telephone Number: 114 Weather Report: 12121, 96121 Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110 City Code: 0531 Zip Code: 271000 Jinan Tourist Complaint: 0531-87937762 Shandong Tourist complaint: 0531-82963423 Traffic Accident: 122 Post Office Jinan City Post Office: No.162 Jinger Road, Shizhong District Jinan City Post Office: No.528 Jingsi Road, Huaiyin District Old Jinan Cultural Theme Post Office: No.91 Jingyi Road, Tianqiao District Jiefangqiao Post Office: No.92-6 Lishan Road, Lixia District Zhengxingjie Post Office: No.122 Zhengxing Street, Pingyin County Hospitals Jinan [...]

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Useful Maps

In order to give our tourists much more clear knowing of their location and where they are in or where they would visit, we offer some Jinan maps here. These maps of Jinan could cover Jinan location map, Jinan city map, Jinan in Shandong map, Jinan in China Map, Jinan transportation map, Jinan tours map, Jinan tourist attractions map, etc. [...]

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Jinan Accommodation

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