Jinan Tours

As one of the most popular tourist attractions for lots for visitors, Jinan enjoys abundant tourist resources. A lot of tourist attractions, like Spouting Spring Tourist Spot, Daming Lake Scenic Spot, Qianfo Mountain, Jiurushan Mountain Waterfalls, Longdong Mountain Scenic Site, scatter in varying areas in Jinan so that planned Jinan visiting tours are indispensable. Also, prepared Jinan tours could assist you save unnecessary time and bring you more visiting experiences. Jinan tour part offers some tours that you could refer to. For example, you could spend one day to Spouting Spring Tourist Spot, Quancheng Square, Black Tiger Spring, Wulongtan Park and Furong Street, or choose to visit Jinan Liberation Pavilion, Black Tiger Spring, Quancheng Square, Wulongtan Park and Daming Lake Scenic Spot. Also, paying a day to visit Qianfo Mountain, Shandong Museum, Daming Lake Scenic Spot and Qushuiting Street is a good choice as well.