Jinan Shopping

There are all sorts of specialties that you could buy in Jinan, such as dong'e donkey hide gelatin, Pingyin roses, Lu embroidery, rose petal jam, scented rice of Mingshui, millet of Longshan, Muyu Stone tea sets, Quancheng green tea, walnuts,homespun cloth, etc. Jinan shopping part give some recommended local things that you could buy and information about shopping places you could go in Jinan shopping.

What to Buy

Dong'e Donkey Hide Gelatin

Gelatin has long been known as "excellent treasure for blood enriching " and “splendid invigorating properties”, it is one of the “three treasures in Chinese medicine” together with ginseng and cartialgenous. High-quality donkey hide gelatin here has been sold to many places and it has become a must choice for many visitors.

Pingyin Roses

Rose planting in Pingyin County has a long history, and roses here have the characteristics of bright-coloured and big petals, strong aromatic flavor, and good quality. It is named as “the representative of traditional Chinese rose”.

Lu Embroidery

Lu embroidery is a typical embroidery product in Shandong. Lu is short for Shandong so that it got the name of Lu embroidery. The making ways of Lu embroidery are quite different from that in other places. Also, it takes things like folk popular character, mandarin duck, butterfly, hibiscus flowers, and etc.as subjects.

Muyu Stone Tea Sets

Muyu-stone tea sets refer to the tea sets that are made of the whole piece of Muyu stone, including teapot, wine pot, stone cup, tea-caddy, etc. Muyu stone comes in diverse shapes and sizes. It has the function of hemostasis.

Quanzhou Green Tea

Because of its high latitude planting base, with obvious morning and night temperature difference, Quanzhou green tea is of high quality and has strong fragrance, and it is widely recognized by lots of customers.

Where to Buy

Most shopping malls in Jinan are in the downtown area centered around Quancheng Square and Quancheng Road. Notable retail businesses are Quancheng Bookstore – the largest bookstore of the city – and Walmart (near the western end of Spring City Road). Major shopping malls along the Quancheng Road are the Guihe Shopping Center, the Sofitel Silver Plaza, the Shimao international shopping center, and the Wanda Shopping Mall. The following is some information about shopping places in Jinan.

Hang Lung Plaza

It lies in the most prosperous and popular tourist sites, you could get to Quancheng Square, Spouting Spring, Black Tiger Spring Tourist Site, Furong Street from the plaza easily. With diverse products and various brands, the comprehensive shopping center is a splendid shopping place.

Quancheng Road Commercial Area

It is located in the downtown of Jinan. There is Yinzuo plaza, Guihe Business Building, Walt-Mart, etc. It belongs to high-end consumption area in Jinan.

Daguanyuan Commercial Area

Situated on Jingsiweier Road, it is a special commercial area. Shopping malls here sell a variety of Shandong specialties, souvenirs, decorations, etc. It is a good place to catch souvenirs.

People’s Mall Commercial Area

It located on No.13 Jingsidong Road. The commercial area is a major consumption region of the local residents. The products here are quiet complete with affordable price.

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