Jinan Attractions

As the capital city of Jinan, with good development conditions and being blessed with a great many of cultural sites and relics, and natural wonders of springs, Jinan is an amazing and popular tourist attraction. Visiting there, you could travel to lots of tourist sites like Spouting Spring Tourist Spot, Daming Lake Scenic Spot, Qianfo Mountain, Jiurushan Mountain Waterfalls, Longdong Mountain Scenic Site, Black Tiger Spring, Red Leaves Canyon, Wulongtan Park, The Best Spring in the World Scenic Spot, Nine Tower China Folk Culture Village Wonderland, Jiulian Gorge Tourist Site, Zhujiayu Folk Tourist Areas, Jinan Fangte Oriental Painting Theme Park, Baimaiquan Park, Jinan Wildlife World, Jinan Botanical Garden, Jinxiangshan Amusement Park, Lingyan Temple, etc.