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Chinese Name: 和田地区 English IPA: /həʊtæn/ Location: Situated in the middle of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Population (city): 2,449,800 Language: Hotan dialect, Mandarin, etc. Zip code: 848000 Tel code: 0903 Time zone: UTC+8

Located in the northern foot of Larakoram Mountain (喀喇昆仑山) and the southern margin of the Taklimakan Desert, Hotan city is where the district administrative office of Hotan Prefecture lies in. Xinjiang was quiet renowned for three shining business channels of the Silk Road, and Hotan is the silk capital of the world. It leans on Kunlun Mountain in the south and lying on deserts in the north. With an area of 250,000 square kilometers, it neighbors Tibet in southeast, Indian and Pakistan in southwest, standing imposingly on the southern ancient Western Regions. Hotan enjoys fairly ample light resources and rich in mineral resources. It is famous for abundant Hotan Jade, known as a famous hometown of jade, silk, carpet, melon and fruit.


  • Distinctive Themes of Tourism: Hotan tourism is characterized of 6 major tourism themes covering jade culture, the Silk Road culture, folk customs, desert sightseeing, self-driving tour and Uygur medicine.
  • Lot of Cultural Sites: Hotan is blessed with a lot of Buddha culture sites and unearthed cultural relics, such as Niya’s Relics (尼雅遗址), Ancient Town of An’di’er (安迪尔古城), Relics of Dandante Wulike Ancient Town (丹丹乌里克故城遗址), Sangzhu Cliff Paintings (桑株岩画),the Ancient City of Akspili (阿克斯皮力古城), the Ancient City of Mailikavati (买力克阿瓦提古城), etc.
  • Hotan Jade: Hotan is quite famous for jades and its jades have been exported to international markets.

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Hotan Attractions

Hotan is blessed with a lot of Buddha culture sites and unearthed cultural relics, with abundant tourism resources, such as Mei’erlike Desert (美尔力克沙漠), thousands-of-meter Grape Gallery, Wuluwati Scenic Spot(乌鲁瓦提风景区), Niya's Relics (尼雅遗址), Qina Folklore Park (其娜民俗风情园), Ancient Town of An’di’er (安迪尔古城), Relics of Dandante Wulike Ancient Town (丹丹乌里克故城遗址), Sangzhu Cliff Paintings (桑株岩画), Rewake Buddhist Temple (热瓦克佛寺), the mysterious lachrymal spring (神秘泪泉), (Milike’awate (米利克阿瓦特), Yuetegan Relics (约特干), Zanmu Temple (赞木庙), etc. Also, there are world famous ancient ruins like the Ancient [...]

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Hotan Tours

Owing to its distinctive tourist resources, there are major 6 theme-tour mostly focused: jade culture, the Silk Road culture, folk customs, desert sightseeing, self-driving tour and uygur medicine tours.  [...]

Climate & When to Go

Climate of Hotan Located in a temperate zone, with cold desert climate , Hotan views only a mean annual total of only 36.5 millimeter of precipitation which falls on 17.3 days of the year. Because of its southerly location in Xinjiang which is just north of the Kunlun Mountains, Hotan is one of the warmest places in the region, with averagely high temperatures remaining beyond freezing temperature throughout the year. As for monthly 24-hour average temperature, it varies from [...]

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How to Get & Leave There Generally speaking, if you want to travel to Hotan, your first destination will be Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which provides much more choices for transportation. By Air Located in 12 kilometers south of the Hotan city proper , Hotan Airport provides flights between Hotan and Urumqi, which takes you about 2 hours. Hotan Airport Address: No.925 Yingbin Road, Hotan City. Airport Shuttle Bus Passengers could take Airport Shuttle Bus No.9 to [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Hotan celebrates a large variety of festivals and activities, and they are roughly divided into two kinds: ethnic traditional festivals and tourism festivals. The major minority of Hotan Prefecture is Uyghur nationality so that the special festivals here are Id Al-fitr (肉孜节),Corban Festival (古尔邦节) and Nowruz Festival (诺鲁孜节). The former two belong to Islamic festivals. Id Al-fitr (肉孜节) According to sharia, people would do Ramadan in each September of Islamic calendar. Every healthy adult of Muslim man and woman should fast for [...]

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Travel Tips

Useful Telephone Numbers Area Code: 0903 Zip code: 848000 Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110 Hotan Airport: 0903-2026724 Tourist Complaint: 0903-2023846 Civil Aviation Consulting: 0903-2512178 / 2933200 Hotan Long-distance Bus Terminal: 0903-2022688 Long-distance Bus Ticket Booking: 0903-2021384 Hotan City Hospital Emergency Department: 0903-2514445 Post Offices Hotan Post Office: No.340 Beijing West Road Cele County Post Office: 100 meters west of County Highway 663 Pishan County Post Office: No.10 Guma South Road Jianshelu Post Office: No.135 Jianshe Road Gulubage Post Office: No.7 Beijing West Road Transportation Hotan Airport is located in the southwest of Hotan city, [...]

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Useful Maps

Our Hotan maps cover different types of useful maps including Hotan location Map, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Map, Hotan City Map, Hotan Attractions Map, Hotan Transportation Map, Scenic Spots Around Hotan Map, etc. to help you better understand about Hotan city and plan your Hotan tour. [...]

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Hotan Accommodation

Hotan city is located in southern Xinjiang, with special geographical location. It is known as "the oasis of desert". The hotels around or near tourist attractions mostly belong to economic hotels with inexpensive prices, and those with fine conditions are located in the city proper with convenient transportation but a little far away from tourist sites. For now, there is no 5-star hotels yet. Here, we would like to give information about some of them that you could refer to. Recommended [...]

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