Hotan Travel Tips

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • Area Code: 0903
  • Zip code: 848000
  • Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110
  • Hotan Airport: 0903-2026724
  • Tourist Complaint: 0903-2023846
  • Civil Aviation Consulting: 0903-2512178 / 2933200
  • Hotan Long-distance Bus Terminal: 0903-2022688
  • Long-distance Bus Ticket Booking: 0903-2021384
  • Hotan City Hospital Emergency Department: 0903-2514445

Post Offices

  • Hotan Post Office: No.340 Beijing West Road
  • Cele County Post Office: 100 meters west of County Highway 663
  • Pishan County Post Office: No.10 Guma South Road
  • Jianshelu Post Office: No.135 Jianshe Road
  • Gulubage Post Office: No.7 Beijing West Road


Hotan Airport is located in the southwest of Hotan city, and it is 11.5 km to downtown. It takes you 20 yuan to take a taxi.

Hotan Long-distance Bus Terminal is located on No.5 Hemo Road. It takes you 5 yuan to get there from city proper by taxi. Or you could take Bus No.3 or 5 to reach there.


There are all sorts of fresh fruits. But do not drink hot tea after eating fruit in case of causing diarrhea.


Parts of Xinjiang are located in high elevation so that ultraviolet radiation is strong, so please prepare some sun block or other anti-sunburn stuff.

Because of dry climate there, you are not recommended to wear contact lenses, especially some areas may have poor accommodation conditions so that it is not convenient to wash them.

There are large temperature differences between day and night so that you had better take enough clothes with you.


The main ethnic minorities of northern Xinjiang are Uygur and Kazak people. Many local minorities have their beliefs, especially people who believe in Islam, when you meet them, you need to pay attention your food and words.


Some places are sparsely populated so the accommodation conditions may not be convenient. Some visitors may visit places without hotels or hostels, even no residents. Then, you may need  to equip yourself with cars and other vehicles or take tents.

Security Checks

Security checks are very strict in Xinjiang. You may be asked to empty your pocket and take off your shoes. Sometimes, there is the second check at boarding channels. Thus,  please think twice if when you buy some souvenirs because they may not allow to take on planes.