Hotan Transportation

How to Get & Leave There

Generally speaking, if you want to travel to Hotan, your first destination will be Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which provides much more choices for transportation.

By Air

Located in 12 kilometers south of the Hotan city proper , Hotan Airport provides flights between Hotan and Urumqi, which takes you about 2 hours.

Hotan Airport
Address: No.925 Yingbin Road, Hotan City.

Airport Shuttle Bus

Passengers could take Airport Shuttle Bus No.9 to reach Hotan downtown. In addition, you could take taxi as well.

By Train

There are three train stations scattered in Hotan city: Moyu Railway Station (墨玉火车站), Hotan Railway Station (和田火车站) and Pishan Railway Station(皮山火车站).

1.Moyu Railway Station (墨玉火车站)
It is located in Moyu County and is a railway station of Kahe Railway (Kashgar - Hotan). It is 468 kilometers away from Kashgar Railway Station and 17 kilometers away from Hotan Railway Station.

2.Hetian Railway Station (和田火车站)
Located in Aketashi Village (阿克塔什村) of Lasikui Town (拉斯奎镇) which is in the north of Hotan City, it is about 3.5 kilometers away from downtown. Passengers could take trains to Urumqi and Kashgar there.

3.Pishan Railway Station(皮山火车站)
Located in Pishan County of Hotan Prefecture, it is a railway station of Kahe Railway (Kashgar - Hotan).The station is about 158 kilometers away from Hetian Railway Station and 327 kilometers from Kashgar Railway Station. And it is close to National Highway G315 (Xining - Kashgar).

By Long-distance Buses

By 2016, the total mileage of Hotan Prefecture highway reached about 19,487 kilometers during which national highway totaled 644 kilometers, provincial highway totaled 532 kilometers, special roads totaled 35.55 kilometers and the rural highway totaled about 18,276 kilometers. Thus, 89 towns and 11 pastures achieved 100% availability to highway. 1,280 of 1,334 administrative villages succeeded reaching highway transportation access.

There are 4 major coach stations: Hotan Highway Passenger Transport Center(和田公路客运中心), West Branch Station of Hotan Coach Terminus (和田总站长途站西分站), Hotan East Suburb Coach Station (和田东郊客运站) and East Branch Station of Hotan Coach Terminus(和田客运总站东郊分站)

1.Hotan Highway Passenger Transport Center(和田公路客运中心)
Location: Across from Jinshawan Hotel, on Taibei Road of Hotan City.

2.West Branch Station of Hotan Coach Terminus (和田总站长途站西分站)
Location:No.524 Taibei West Road of Hotan City

3.Hotan East Suburb Coach Station (和田东郊客运站)
Location: Taibei East Road of Hotan City.
Tel: 0903 - 2025487
Business Time: 8 a.m. -- 8 p.m.

4.East Branch Station of Hotan Coach Terminus(和田客运总站东郊分站)
Location: No.3 Tunken East Road of Hotan City

How to Get Around


There are 9 bus lines (Bus No.1 to 9) in Hotan. These bus routes mainly stop beside hospitals or the township government and few in tourist attractions.

Price:varying from 1 to 2 yuan.

Business Time: 8:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m., the time may vary with different routes.


The starting price is 5 yuan which could be the usual price within Hotan City, and it varies if your destinations are out of town. In winter, it may not easy to hail a taxi.

Taxi Complaint: 2069000