Hotan Shopping

Hotan provides all kinds of souvenirs and snacks as well as fruits that you could buy, like Hotan jade, Xinjiang carpets, Uyghur medicine, Hotan silk, jujube, grapes and walnuts of Moyu County, melons, etc. The following is further information about some stuff you could buy and places you could shop in Hotan visiting.

What to Buy in Hotan

Hotan Jade

Xinjiang is famous for producing fine jade since ancient times, during which Hotan jade is the most well-known. Hotan jade enjoys exquisite texture, fat-like luster and melodious sound, which can not be compared by those from southern China or South Africa. It belongs to the fine category which can only be produced in Xinjiang.

Xinjiang Carpet

Xinjiang is known as the birthplace of the carpet with a long history. Carpets there are known for skillful craftsmanship. And they have been exported. Hotan is the home of Xinjiang carpet. Thus, it is a good place for you to buy the most authentic carpets there.

Uyghur Medicine

Hotan Uyghur medicine is one of the oldest medical system with unique practice and theory. Together with Tibetan medicine and Mongolian medicine, it belongs to biological medicine and natural medicine. Uyghur herbs grow in complex environment including snowy mountains, deserts, pastures and oasis, showing strong vitality, which makes Hotan of Xinjiang, together with Hunza of Kashmir in Pakistan, Caucasus of Russia and Vilcabamba Ecuador, know as the world famous four longevity zones.

Hotan Silk

Hotan silk got fame on Silk Road. Now there nearly 2,001 hectares of mulberry planting fields with more than 6,000 mulberry trees which could produce 3,500 tons of cocoons. Hotan Silk Plant which was founded in 1953 has become a major silk printing and dyeing joint enterprises in northwestern China. Its products have been exported to international markets.


It is a specialty of Yutian County of Hotan Prefecture, with the features of big size, thin skin and thick pulp.

Where to Buy in Hotan

The most distinctive shopping places in Xinjiang Region are all kinds of bazaars. Hotan offers stores and shopping malls of all levels that you could find and shop easily. Here is some information about Hotan popular shopping destinations for visitors.

Hotan Bazaar (和田大巴扎)

It is located in the northeast Hotan city, near the National Highway 315, with an area of 118,352 square kilometers. As a large multi-level and multi-functional comprehensive fair, the bazaar brings local characteristics together, especially Hotan jades, silk, carpets, rose wine, Hotan floret caps, Uyghur medicine, ethnic knives, wooden products, dry fields, etc.

Hotan International Bazaar of Jewelry and Cosmetics City (和田国际大巴扎首饰化妆品城)

Located on Hongxin Street, the bazaar provides a variety of Hotan jades and other local specialties.

Xiangxiang Department Store (香香百货商店)

Located on Guzaili Road, it sells all kinds of daily goods as well as tourist products.

Baozhen Hotan Jade Store (保真和田玉)

Located in the jade bazaar on No.656 Taibei East Road, the store provides jades of different levels.

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