Hotan Attractions

Hotan is blessed with a lot of Buddha culture sites and unearthed cultural relics, with abundant tourism resources, such as Mei’erlike Desert (美尔力克沙漠), thousands-of-meter Grape Gallery, Wuluwati Scenic Spot(乌鲁瓦提风景区), Niya's Relics (尼雅遗址), Qina Folklore Park (其娜民俗风情园), Ancient Town of An’di’er (安迪尔古城), Relics of Dandante Wulike Ancient Town (丹丹乌里克故城遗址), Sangzhu Cliff Paintings (桑株岩画), Rewake Buddhist Temple (热瓦克佛寺), the mysterious lachrymal spring (神秘泪泉), (Milike’awate (米利克阿瓦特), Yuetegan Relics (约特干), Zanmu Temple (赞木庙), etc. Also, there are world famous ancient ruins like the Ancient City of Akspili (阿克斯皮力古城), the Ancient City of Mailikavati (买力克阿瓦提古城), the Ancient City of Carradon (喀拉墩古城), Ancient Castle of Axi (阿西古城堡), Ancient Castle of Asa (阿萨古城堡), etc. Until 2016, there were 18 national A-level tourist attractions.