Hotan Dining

Hotan provides diverse dishes and snacks. Here are some recommended foods that you could taste and a few places to eat during your Hotan visiting.

What to Eat in Hotan

Shish Kebab (烤羊肉串)

The roast mutton string is one of the most famous ethnic flavor snacks, and they have been spread all over China. Places in Xinjiang provide the most authentic Shish Kebab.

Roast Whole Lamb (烤全羊)

As a major Uighur traditional food, roast whole lamb is not only a street delicacy, but also the best and fine food that the Uighurs use to treat their disdinguished guests.

Roast Sheep Abdomen (烤羊肚子)

Invented by the nomads of the desert, the dish is a kind of high-calorie food with high nutrition.

Stuffed Nang with Rose Jam (玫瑰花酱馕)

This kind of nang is (馕) smaller than usual sizes. Taking rose jam as ingredients makes nang much more distinctive and tasteful.

Corn Meal(嫩玉米饭)

It is a special food of Uyghur people. The dish is made of ground tender corns cooked with other ingredients like vegetables and meat.

Roast Eggs (烤蛋)

All sorts of roast eggs are popular snacks in many night markets and streets in hotan.

Where to Eat in Hotan

Hotan Night Market (和田夜市)

Located on Renmin Road of Hotan city, the night market provides all sorts of local snacks and dishes. You could enjoy food there as well as distinctive performance. It is a must-go destination for many visitors.

Rose Barbecue Restaurant (玫瑰花烤肉)

Located on No.737 Yingbin Road, it provides all kinds of local food and its barbecue gets good fame from visitors.

Zuhuameishi Restaurant(祖华美食)

Located on No.72 Beijing East Road of Hotan city, it provides Hotan special dishes, Xinjiang cuisine, western food, tea and coffee.

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