Xinjiang Dining

The main ethnic group in Xinjiang is Uyghur nationality, so beef and mutton-based dishes are local specialties. And because of the geological factors, the staple food there are wheaten food, so you could eat special noodles as well as nang there. Here are some choices for what to eat during your Xinjiang visiting.

What to Eat in Xinjiang

Xinjiang Mutton (新疆羊肉)

Xinjiang mutton is quite famous in China, especially its mutton shashlik which has been brought out of Xinjiang and become a popular snacks in many places in China. In Xinjiang, you could eat the most authentic mutton shashlik with good taste and flavors.

Roast Whole Lamb (烤全羊)

It is a traditional Xinjiang dish that is equal to Beijing duchess to Beijing. It is one of the most valuable dishes that Xinjiang people use to treat their distinguished guests.

Mutton Eaten with Hands(手抓羊肉)

Eating mutton with hand is a special mutton eating way in Xinjiang. The dish pays attention to the quality of mutton, and complex cooking processes are involved.

Roast Nang (烤馕)

Naan in Xinjiang has a long history, and it is a main staple food there. It has golden yellow skin. In the ancient time, it is called "Hu Bing" (胡饼) or “Lubing”. Its main principal raw material is flour. Naan has round shape. The biggest one is called “Aimanke”, with 40 to 50-centimeter diameter. An “Aimanke” usually needs 1-2 kg of flour, known as the king of naan.The smallest ones often have the size as a general cup mouth, named as “Tuokaxi”, with 1-centimeter thickness. There are also other sizes of naan. Different categories have their own decorative design.

Niangpizi (酿皮子)

It is a kind of local cold steamed noodles with many seasonings and can be staple food as well as snacks.

Xinjiang Hand Pilaf (新疆手抓饭)

It is one of hte traditional Uyghur staple food, and can be divided into two flavors: sweet and salty. The sweet flavor mainly takes rice, eggs, raisins, peanuts and preserved apricot as ingredients. The salty flavor usually takes rice, mutton, carrots and onions as ingredients.

Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken (新疆大盘鸡)

The dish got its name because of big plate using. There are 2 kind of big plate chicken: Shawan Big Plate Chicken and Chaiwobao Big Plate Chicken. The former has thick juice and is eaten with staple food, and the later one is fried and then stir-fried with pod pepper. It belongs to Moslem snacks.

Baked Meat (馕坑烤肉)

The meat here mainly refers to mutton. People baked fresh mutton in Naan pits until they get nice golden color. it’s nice-smelling and delicious.

Xinjiang Chow Mein (新疆炒面)

It plays an important role in Xinjiang snacks made of wheaten food and is ranked first in Xinjiang snacks by some people.

Noodles Served with Soy Sauce (新疆拌面)

It is a kind of round noodles that requires a lot of skills while making. The salt is used while making.

Roast Steamed Buns (烤包子)

It is loved by Uyghur people. The buns are roasted in the tools that make naans. The stuff inside usually is mutton cub, onions and other seasonings.