Xinjiang Travel Tips

Important Number

  • Zip code: 830000 - 840000
  • Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110
  • Xinjiang Tourism Quality Supervision Institute: 0991-12301
  • Railway Bureau Information Hotline: 0991-5813771
  • Airport Information: 0991-3801453
  • Civil Aviation Bureau Ticketing Inquiries: 0991-4512212

Climate & Clothing

Parts of Xinjiang are located in places of higher elevation, with strong ultraviolet radiation. In summer, Turpan may experience high temperature beyond 40℃. So you may need some sun protectors with you. Meanwhile, some sunstroke prevention drugs or granules are suitable to take with you.

You’d better not wear contact lenses because of dry climate there, and it’s not convenient to clean them in some areas of poor accommodation.

There are large day and night temperature difference in northern Xinjiang, which could reach 10 to 15 degrees or so, so pay attention to keep warm. In the period of May, June, September and October, you should bring sweaters and woolen overcoat, especially when you spend your night in Heaven Lake of Celestial Mountains or visit Nanshan Pasture, Kanas Lake, No.1 Glacier of Tianshan Mountains, Bayanbulak Grassland, etc.

Ethnic Groups & Religion

The main ethnic minorities of northern Xinjiang are Uygur and Kazak, and there are other nationalities as well. It is a place that has religious color. For example, those who believe in Islamism do not eat pork, so you’d better care about what you say and eat in some restaurants. If not sure things don't go to bargain. Some people have some taboos, so please be understanding and respect.

Security Check

Security check there is very strict. At the airport, all the empty pockets are required to check. You may be asked to take off the shoes and then your feet are needed to be scanned. There would be secondary security check at the boarding channels.

Xinjiang ethic handicraft knives are not allowed to consign.


Xinjiang is famous for its fruit, so it is a great pleasure to eat fruit there. But you must not drink hot tea after eating fruit in case of suffering from diarrhea.


In some parts of the sparsely populated, accommodation is not very convenient. If you have plan to those places, you could only bring your cars or bring their own tents.

Frontier Inspection Station

Visitors to places like Kanas Lake, Khorgos and Khunjerab need to get border permits in Armed Police Frontier Brigade of Burqin county, Huocheng city and Tashikuergan county.


Xinjiang is on the same time zone as the rest places of China, Beijing Time (UTC+8). But being roughly two time zones west of the capital city, some residents, local organization and local government follow another time standard known as Xinjiang Time (UTC+6).The division follows ethnic lines, with Han tending to use Beijing Time and Uyghurs tending to use Xinjiang Time. Most businesses and schools open and close two hours later than their equivalents in other regions of China.