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Chinese Name: 博尔塔拉蒙古自治州 English IPA: /bɔː‘tɑːlə/ Location: Situated located in the southwestern part of the Dzungarian Basin, and northwestern edge of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China Population (city): 443,900 Language: northern mandarin Chinese, Uygur language, the Kazak language, Mongol, Mandarin, etc. Zip code: 833400 Tel code: 0909 Time zone: UTC+8

Located in the northwest frontier of China, Bortala was once the pass of the world-famous ancient silk road. Bordering with Kazakhstan in west, it is adjacent to Tacheng Prefecture, and connects Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture in south. With an population of 368,000, it is a multi-ethnic populated areas. There are 35 ethnic groups, and residents are mainly the Mongolian. Architectural styles and cultural features appear with obvious characteristics of Mongolian. To visit there, experiencing the local family hotels and feeling the gorgeous landscape of the desert beyond the Great Wall are worthy trying.

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  • Nadam Grassland Festival: It is one of the three most grand tourism festivals in Xinjiang, with strong ethnic characteristics.
  • Sayram Lake: It is a famous natural scenery which gathers mountains, lakes and grassland together. Sayram Lake is the highest and largest alpine lake in Xinjiang and the Atlantic warm current visited the latest there so it got the saying of ” the last drop of tears of the Atlantic Ocean”.
  • Mongolian Culture: The major nationality of the prefecture is Mongolian so that you could experience authentic Mongolian culture by the festivals, architecture, food, cuisine, etc.there.
  • Diverse Tourism Resources: Bortala is blessed with diverse categories of tourism resources like grassland, deserts, lakes, bizarre stone groups, mountainous landscape, natural reserves, hot springs, etc.

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Bortala Attractions

For 68 kinds of basic types of tourism resources in China, there are at least 19 categories in Bortala, and the resource types are complete, with strong characteristics. For example, Sayram Lake, the famous natural scenery gathers mountains, lakes and grassland together. For the natural reserve, there is the biggest Haloxylon persicum natural reserve, Ebinur lake wetland natural reserve, Rannodon sibiricus kessler natural reserve and Shalhiri nature reserve. There is wonderful, rare and excelling rocks landscape--Guaishiyu (怪石峪) and Hariturege River [...]

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Bortala Tours

According to the space layout of tourism resources and tourism scenic spots there, the regional tourist circle of Toto County, Jinghe County, Alashankou City, Bole City, Wenquan County and Sayram Lake has exploited by the local government. Meanwhile, it launches distinctive tourist boutique routes like rural tourism, folk tourism, mountain tourism, desert tourism, hot spring tourism, and tour products of different days, such as one or three days of Bortala tour. Besides, you could experience three days tour covering Urumqi, Alataw [...]

Climate & When to Go

Dessert climate comes with little rainfall so that the annual average precipitation is only 181 millimeters. Bortala annual average evaporation is 1,562.4 millimeters. The extreme maximum temperature is 44 ℃ and the extreme lowest is -36 ℃. The annual average sunshine hours are 2,815.8 hours, and the accumulated temperature beyond 10 ℃ is 3,137.9 ℃, with frost-free period of 169 days. The Best Time to Go The best time to visit Bortala is spring and autumn. Although springs experience weather change but [...]

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Bortala has complete transportation system. For aviation, there is Bole Alashankou Airport which is 18 kilometers east away from Bole city. It takes you 1 hour taking planes from Bortala to Urumqi. For railway, there are several railway stations that you could choose including Bole Railway Station, Jinghe Railway Station, Alashankou Railway Station, Jinghenan Railway Station and Tuotuo Railway Station. For long-distance buses, there are 20 passenger stations like Bole Wuzhen Passenger Station, Alashankou Coach Station, Bole [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Nadam Grassland Festival Nadam is Mongolian transliteration, meaning "entertainment" or "game", which is originated in Aobao-worshipping. It is a Mongolian traditional festival. Every year in summer and autumn, Bortala holds the festival. During the festival, the Mongolian, Kazak, Uygur, Han, Hui and some other ethnic people dress in ceremonial clothes and reach grassland by riding horses or taking cars from all directions to participate in and watch horse racing, wrestling, archery, equestrian sports competition, etc. Mongolian, Kazak herdsmen often choose the [...]

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Travel Tips

Important Numbers China International country code number: 0086 Ambulance:120 Fire: 119 Police: 110 Check Telephone Number: 114 Weather Report: 12121, 96121 Bortala Tourism Complaint: 0909-2222895 Xinjiang Tourism Complaint: 0991—8831902 Bortala Train Bookings Hotline: 0909-2222772 Bortala Coach Station: 0909-8222191 Climate Bortala belongs to a continental arid semi-desert and desert climate, with long sunshine duration and large temperature differences. Thus, take suitable clothes with you according to your traveling time there. Because of the high altitude and strong ultraviolet ray there, you had better take anti-sunburn items with you. Security Check Usually, if [...]

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Useful Maps

In order to give you a better understanding of Bortala Prefecture, there are some Bortala maps that you could refer to. Our Bortala maps would cover different types of useful Bortala maps including Bortala location Map, Xinjiang Region Map, Bortala Prefecture Map, Bortala attractions map, Bortala transportation map, Scenic Spots Around Bortala, etc. to help you better understand about Bortala prefecture and plan your Bortala tours. [...]

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Bortala Accommodation

Bortala provides you hotels of different levels for your Bortala visiting. The luxury hotels and hotels with fine conditions mainly gather in urban areas, namely Bole city. other places may not have very luxurious hotels but each county or city all can provide tourists with hotels to stay. In addition to common hotels, you could also experience family apartment, Kazakh folk custom rooms, Mongolian yurts, etc. Keep Reading Xinjiang Accommodation Urumqi Accommodation Aksu Accommodation [...]

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