Bortala Attractions

For 68 kinds of basic types of tourism resources in China, there are at least 19 categories in Bortala, and the resource types are complete, with strong characteristics. For example, Sayram Lake, the famous natural scenery gathers mountains, lakes and grassland together. For the natural reserve, there is the biggest Haloxylon persicum natural reserve, Ebinur lake wetland natural reserve, Rannodon sibiricus kessler natural reserve and Shalhiri nature reserve. There is wonderful, rare and excelling rocks landscape--Guaishiyu (怪石峪) and Hariturege River Valley with winding path leading to a secluded spot. For hot springs, there is Alshati Hot Spring (阿尔夏提温泉) which gets the fame of holy spring, EtokselHot Spring (鄂托克赛尔温泉) and Bogdal Hot Spring (博格达尔温泉) which is a famous health resort in Xinjiang. For cultural tourism resources, there are widely distributed with rock groups, relics of ancient towns, unearthed relics, ancient burial sites, etc. Besides, you could also visit Shengquan Scenic Spot in Wenquan County, Bayinamen Scenic Spot, the ruins of the ancient city of Durham (达勒特古城遗址), etc.