Bortala Administrative Divisions

Bortala is divided into 2 county-level cities and 2 counties. In addition, it is home to the Fifth Agricultural Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and its 11 regiment-level farms / ranches.

2 county-level cities:  Bole City (博乐市), Alashankou City (阿拉山口市)

2 counties: Jinghe County (精河县), Wenquan County (温泉县)

Administrative Divisions



Areas Under Jurisdiction

Bole City (博乐市)



Qingdeli Blcok (青得里街道), gulimutu Block (顾力木图街道), Ke’ergenzhuo Block (克尔根卓街道), Santai Block (三台街道), Xiaoyingpan Town (小营盘镇), Dalete Town (达勒特镇), Wutubulage Town (乌图布拉格镇), Qingdeli Township (青得里乡), Beilinharimodun Township (贝林哈日莫墩乡)

Alashankou City (阿拉山口市)




Alatao Block (阿拉套街道), Ebinur Lake Town (艾比湖镇-)

 Jinghe County (精河县)



Jinghe Town (精河镇), Daheyanzi Town (大河沿子镇), Mangding Township (茫丁乡), Tuli Township (托里乡), Tuotuo Township (托托乡)

Wenquan County (温泉县)



Bogeda’er Town (博格达尔镇), Haribuhu Town (哈日布呼镇), Angelige Township (安格里格乡), Chagantunge Township (查干屯格乡), Zhalemute Township (扎勒木特乡), Taxiu Township (塔秀乡)

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