Bortala Transportation

Bortala has complete transportation system. For aviation, there is Bole Alashankou Airport which is 18 kilometers east away from Bole city. It takes you 1 hour taking planes from Bortala to Urumqi. For railway, there are several railway stations that you could choose including Bole Railway Station, Jinghe Railway Station, Alashankou Railway Station, Jinghenan Railway Station and Tuotuo Railway Station. For long-distance buses, there are 20 passenger stations like Bole Wuzhen Passenger Station, Alashankou Coach Station, Bole Passenger Station, Bole Bus Terminal, Wenquan Haribuhu Coach Station (温泉哈日布呼汽车站), Huore Coach Station, etc. For ominous bus, the price varies from 1 to 2 yuan, and buses mainly cover urban areas. For taxi, the starting price is 3 yuan, and each kilometer is 1.2 yuan out of 3 kilometers. The taxi there has 8 eight colors and you could take a taxi around many tourist attractions.